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Globe Article on a Local Food Blogger Who's Very Ill

Bella English of the Globe posted an article today about Carolyn Grantham, who is behind the LimeyG blog and is ailing. So sad, but also so incredibly inspiring. I'll definitely be praying for her.

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  1. An incredible, devastating story, an urgent must-read for Chowhounds.


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      I was sobbing in my office after you posted it on FB. Heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.

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        Terribly heartbreaking but heartwarming, as well.

    2. Oh to be that brave. My heart is with her. Thanks for posting that HB.

      1. Carolyn is a friend and I can attest to the fact that she's awesome. Also hilarious. Be sure to visit her blog (which is referred to frequently in the Globe article). Lots of great info in her earlier restaurant/food posts, and some amazing stories of what she's been through over the past several years:

        1. Love to Carolyn and Diego.

          1. Perhaps the best possible honor to Carolyn would be to raise a glass to her as we mindfully enjoy a meal. And, to appreciate the food put before us with more awareness that someday we may not be able to enjoy it as we do today.
            Living each moment as if it were our last could be her legacy to all of us who love food.

            Thinking of you, Limey and I do appreciate your posts over the years.


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              Lovely, Penny. Thanks for that.

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                Thank you, Penny, for a lovely tribute to Carolyn and such loving advice on how to honor her, her love of food, her love of life, and her response to dealing with such difficulty. She has touched so many people in a profound manner. I hope that gives her some strength (although she has so much already) knowing that so many are with her, inspired by her, and that we are all sending her golden light and best wishes.

                If there is some way to contribute to her expenses, and to her legacy, I hope someone will post about it.

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                  penny, thanks to you for your heart and your eloquence, and to her for inspiring so many.

                2. powerful medicine
                  malama pono ~ take care
                  sweet carolyn
                  I have just begun to read your blog
                  mahalo ~ thank you for sharing your journey
                  and your laughter and wit

                  1. Wow. So very sorry to read this. I can't believe how incredible her attitude has been throughout her illness, she sounds like a hell of woman.

                    Sending good thoughts your way, LimeyG. I'll raise a glass to you at my next meal.

                    1. Sad to report that Carolyn passed away yesterday, April 8. So all raise a glass to her and her wonderful words and inspiring life.

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                        Oh, that stinks, kbock95. So sad to hear. I was fearing the worst when I saw this post get bumped to the top. Thoughts and prayers definitely go out to her family.

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                          I am so sad for her family and friends. What a remarkable woman. Waiter - a round of pureed corn chowder for everyone please!

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                            My sympathy to her family, friends and all those whose lives were made better by her spirit. I will raise a glass to her tonight.

                          2. oh so sad to hear this news. What an amazing woman and story.

                            1. What a brave lady and truly gifted writer. So sorry to read of her terrible disease and passing.


                              1. Very sad news, thanks for sharing this story.

                                1. I'm sharing an excerpt from a note from Diego because it's another glimpse into how awesome she was:

                                  To answer a recurring question, Carolyn left instructions I now quote verbatim: "In lieu of flowers, Carolyn has asked that you have an excellent glass of champagne; tell your family how much you love them; buy yourself a book you've been meaning to read; do one nice, small thing for a stranger."

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                                    That brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely last wish.

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                                      Amazing. What a wonderful life she led. I will do just that.

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                                        Brought a tear...I wasn't familiar with Carolyn until Hiddenboston started this thread but have now read through a good deal of her blog and about her journey since being diagnosed. A talented writer and an amazing person that was able to rise above during her fight. Very sad.