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Mar 11, 2014 05:53 AM


Hi all,
With Spring slowly approaching, I have been seeing more grilling recipes. (BBQ) My husband and I are living in an apartment, so we have no BBQ or grill, yet I love the taste you get from grilling. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could use to "grill" with no BBQ? An indoor grill is obviously out of the question, and I just have an electric stove, so even a grill pan would be questionable, right? I am thinking it is better over a gas stove due to the flame and heat. I was thinking of buying a cast iron pan with the grills in it, but I am not sure that would work? It seems the last time I tried one (a few years ago), the meat stuck like crazy, even with oil. Am I simply outta luck and best just go to Famous Dave's for BBQ? LOL

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  1. When I lived in an apartment I always had a Weber Smokey Joe handy - I would take it out to the back porch or courtyard tp get my BBQ fix -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      We live on the third floor, and the courtyard is at the office 10 minutes walk away. Kind of difficult, I would say. :) Guess I forgot to mention that.

    2. You could heat the grill pan in the oven and then cook on that. As for sticking, be sure the pan is seasoned and *really* hot and don't turn the meat too soon.

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      1. Why is an indoor grill out of the question? When we lived in an apartment, we initially had a George Foreman grill, which worked great for our needs. Later on, we got a mini camping style grill that worked with mini propane tanks, that we kept on our balcony outside. It was just big enough for the 2 of us.

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          We don't have a balcony. I didn't like the Foreman grill, but that was the small sandwich one. Not sure about any others.

        2. To be totally honest, I'd have to say you're simply outta luck.

          1. What do you want to grill? It's not hard to do steaks, burgers, and chicken indoors with a somewhat "grilled" feel and taste. You can get "grilled" flavor by liquid smoke too.

            I'd suggest you start out by highlighting a few things you want and the 'hounds can help you.