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Mar 11, 2014 02:48 AM

Mochi au gratin at Shokudo

I loved the mochi au gratin at Shokudo when we visited Hawaii. I've looked and looked online for a similar recipe to replicate it at home- to no avail. Anyone here by chance have a recipe for this dish?

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  1. Repost to the home cooking board.

    1. The only mocha product I would eat is mocha ice cream. I have not tried mocha au gratin as yet...maybe need to experience it before trying to make it at home.

      1. "Mochi" (Japanese glutinous rice) NOT "mocha" (type of coffee bean)

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          Oops... my bad...typo! Mocha is mixture of coffee and cocoa.

        2. Just a quick internet search brought up this recipe: