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Mar 10, 2014 11:25 PM

Four days in Portland with a toddler

Hi all. I'll be visiting Portland the first week of April with my husband and 2 year old son. We are staying downtown and planning to visit most of the larger parks and museums so I am looking for recommendations for places near Washington Park, OSMI, etc. All three of us are adventurous eaters and we have no dietary restrictions. So far our tentative list includes Little Bird, Lardo, Artisan Bakery, Ox, Tasty n Alder, Broder, Lauretta Jean's (although we can get the biscuits at the Saturday farmer's market, right?), several food carts (Nong's Khao Man Gai, Tabor, the People's Pig), and in my fantasy life I get to go to at least one amazing bakery a day (I'm a pastry chef) and my husband gets all the beer he can drink (he's a craft beer freak).

Are any of the places on our list not child-friendly? He can be very high energy which is sometimes not awesome in a quieter sit-down venue. Also, which places are most likely to have a long, tantrum-inducing wait - which is why PokPok is not included, sadly. Your input is greatly appreciated, as are any additions to the list as far as bakeries and places with both great beer and food. I have no idea where most of these places are or how far apart everything and we will be walking and depending on public transportation so any advice pertaining to that would be lovely. Thanks!

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  1. Did you consider the Denver?

    1. Boke Bowl is not far from OMSI and is a good kid place.

      I would not bring a child to Ox, especially one that young and "high energy". Not sure about Little Bird, either.

      There are a lot of suggestions on this board for kid-friendly places, beer and bakeries, I'd suggest that you look a bit deeper in the existing threads for some of that info too.

      1. I haven't been to Ox yet because I think the wait will induce a tantrum in me :-). Everywhere else seems doable with a small, if you make resos where you can and go early. Little Bird might be pushing it a bit if he gets really boisterous, though they had quite loud music when we were there.

        We're heading down in a couple of weeks with a five year old and will be trying Farm Café.

        1. FWIW I was at Little Bird early on a Saturday night and a couple was there eating with their baby. They had one of those baby seats that attaches to table. We didn't even notice the baby until towards the end of the meal, so quiet was he. The parents even brought prepared baby food in and fed the child while we were there. The upside is that you can make a rez and not have to wait for a table.

          There is nearly always a wait at Tasty n Alder (though there are always kids there).

          I'd add Higgins to your list.