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Mar 10, 2014 10:57 PM

Light dinner in OC

Anyone have any good suggestions for a light dinner on a girls night out in the OC? I'm a native OC girl myself but I've been combing through yelp for any new restaurants I haven't been to and can't seem to find anything worthwhile...I love all types of cuisine and open to trying anything!

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  1. Which part of O.C. are you looking at and what do you consider "light"? If you mean calories, there is Seasons 52 at South Coast Plaza, which has a good wine by the glass program. If you mean little plates, the lounge area at AnQi (also at South Coast Plaza) might be a good choice. Up toward Orange, Haven or Ways & Means might be suitable. Down toward the Spectrum, there are Cucina Enoteca and Paul Martin's. In Newport Beach, the new Fig & Olive is a good choice but can get noisy and crowded or (if something healthy is what matter) there is a branch of True Food [I am not a fan though].

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    1. re: New Trial

      Have you been to Ways & Means?

      1. re: JAB

        Not yet. I've been meaning to get there as it looks interesting but have been pulled to Haven by the rest of the group the last couple of times I have thought about it.

      2. re: New Trial

        +1 on Seasons 52. I've been there several times, and it's a good spot for healthy plates, and they have a decent selection of wines by the glass.

        I haven't found Cucina Enoteca light, but I have enjoyed it every time I've been.

        I don't get Paul Martin's. It seems overpriced, and I wasn't particularly impressed with the food. Just my $0.02.

        1. re: OCSteve

          I was thinking of PM more for the wines--good pours and variety.

          1. re: New Trial

            Thanks for the clarification. I've only been a couple of times for lunch. I don't have any experience with their wines.

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          Any part of OC would be fine, but thanks for reminding me about Seasons 52 everyone! I had it bookmarked but totally forgot about it! It is a little north of my budget for tonight though. Just looking for some tasty, easy to share plates that aren't too pricey. Kentro's Greek Kitchen is my back up as of right now!

          1. re: jennayly

            Orea Taverna & Wine Bar is in Placentia has great small plates at different price points if you're looking for Greek/Mediterranean.

        3. Although I wasn't particularly impressed by my dinner there, Little Sparrow's bar menu looked worth exploring.

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          1. re: JAB

            Been wanting to go there, might have last night if downtown Santa Ana wasn't entirely shut down Mondays.

            So it actually sucks huh? Funny how rave of reviews it gets. I guess OC is still full of pre-teen food critics who know nothing about the world. (One of the OC Weekly kids called the place the best French restaurant outside of France basically...)

            1. re: BacoMan

              I've heard the sweetbreads at Little Sparrow are amazing. I wouldn't necessarily call this type of food light though.

              1. re: js76wisco

                I didn't enjoy the sweetbreads at Little Sparrow and I love sweetbreads.

          2. I love Seasons 52, but depends if you are looking for a more fun vibe or a quiet evening. Pizza Ortica in Costa mesa is a fave!

            1. Marche Moderne at South Coast Plaza, perhaps?