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Mar 10, 2014 10:07 PM

Good Restaurants on Hwy 5

Driving to LA and would like recommendations on places to eat near Hwy 5.

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  1. When I passed through in October, I stopped at the Apricot King to get an apricot shake for the road. I'll point out that it is indeed right on I5 and quite distant from the center of town.

    Buttonwillow is also a convenient stopping point further south. I've tried the pupusas from all three places and can recommend them. More info here,

    1. Hot City BBQ in Los Banos .
      Only open Friday thru Sunday.

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        Also in Los BaƱos, Cutija Taco Shop is a favorite stop of mine. Classic tacos, tortas, etc. Everything I've had there was really good.

      2. Where are you starting???

        1. I've driven 5 from the Bay Area to LA at least 100 times. sigh.
          Andersen's Split Pea
          In N Out (Kettleman City)


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            Then you're not paying attention. Look for posts on Buttonwillow, e.g.