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Mar 10, 2014 08:32 PM

The Strip vs Fremont/Downtown

Is there a significant difference in quality? The Strip prices kill the wallet. Is it worth the splurge? Or are the Fremont/Downtown restaurants just as good?

Thank you!

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  1. No, the Fremont/Downtown restaurants aren't as good - but there are a lot of good midscale/upscale spots off strip that will save you substantially compared to the strip. What genres, specifically, are you looking toward?


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      Thank you! We are adventurous foodies, but also enjoy an excellent steak. So, we will probably go for one steak dinner and one other, more creative dinner.

    2. Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel facing the fountains of the Bellagio will NOT "kill the wallet" While not the caliber of Prime or SW, the hangar steak with pomme frites is very good. Check the website for pricing.
      As for downtown, look at Joe Vicari's Andiamo Italian Steakhouse at The D....new; but with an "old-Vegas" feeling and excellent service.

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        Thank you! I had not even considered Bellagio a possibility, so I will check that out.

      2. Dags..
        Stay on the strip!
        Downtown isn't all that great and its better to visit for an afternoon of table games, free heinkens and seeing the riff raff..

        Trump hotel has some great deals..
        Listen to your baby girlie and others on the LV board!


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          Right? We keep going back and forth, and we are currently favoring the strip.

        2. As mentioned above, the food downtown isn't anywhere near as refined, but it is magnitudes cheaper. If you want very good food (not comparable to best on the strip though) without breaking the wallet, there are plenty of places off strip that can meet expectations. If mobility is an issue, the Barrymore near Wynn/Encore is an excellent choice. You can get a decent steak on Paradise for considerably less than on the strip. Also check out Charlie Palmer's Cut of the Week. If the menu works for you, it's a steal. There are a few hidden gems (some on and some near the strip) that will probably serve you well at an acceptable price point. Depending on when you're planning to go has an impact as well. Lots of top notch strip restaurants offer an unpublicized/locals prix fix menu during the off season.

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            Thank you! Yeah we are probably going to stay exclusively on the strip.