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Mar 10, 2014 08:23 PM

2 Chowhounds (& Chowpup) in Pheonix for a week

Hey CH, I've never been to the Southwest before, but have used these board for Pacific Northwest cities before with great results.

Me, my wife and our 10 month old girl are out for a week, staying at a rental in the Gilbert/Chandler area. This is our first trip with our new baby so our usual late night happy hour excursions are out. A couple of questions..

I've got Pig & Pickle, Pizzaria Bianco (as these look more casual thus kid friendly) on my list. Any other can't miss eateries? Looking also for solid Mexican food (Vancouver BC ain't quite there yet)

Is there anything worth checking out in the Gilbert/Chandler area?

Finally, I love beer, have any breweries/brewpubs that are worth a pilgrimage? (no drive is too far for good beer)


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  1. If you're thinking of Pizzeria Bianco and Pig & Pickle, then you're already venturing pretty far from Chandler & Gilbert. In that case, you could look at numerous recent threads here to see recommendations for the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

    Close to where you'll be staying, I recommend SanTan Brewing, which operates a brewery and restaurant in Downtown Chandler:

    A little to the north in Tempe, you'll find Four Peaks, which is like SanTan in terms of being a family-friendly brewpub:

    1. Chandler/Gilbert recommendations:

      Abuelo's (Mexican, great chips and salsa)
      BJ's (American brewery, chain food but tasty)
      Chino Bandido (Mexican-Chinese fusion, samples offered)
      Fired Pie (customizable pizza)
      Floridino's (Italian, huge calzones and great lunch prices)
      Joe's Farm Grill (American, try the Fontina burger or shrimp)
      Joe's Real BBQ (great local barbeque and homemade root beer)
      Joyride Taco Shop (Mexican)
      Oregano's (Pizza/Italian, chain but may not be where you live)
      Postino East (Bruschetta, sandwiches, wine bar)
      Tokyo House (Japanese)
      Tortilla Fish (Shrimp tacos)

      SanTan Brewing is definitely a good choice for Chandler.

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