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Mar 10, 2014 08:17 PM

Short trip review (including too much roast pork)

Our first stop was John's. I seem to recall that they don't do broccoli rabe but they had spinach? Anyhow, we got just a pork and cheese sandwich. The pork was nicely seasoned but I miss the greens. Our next stop wast just down the road at Tony Luke's. Not only do I love their pork with cheese and broccoli rabe, I love the fact that we didn't freeze our asses off. To me broccoli rabe really balances the meatiness of the pork.

Afterwards we went to Sugarhouse Casino. After a walk through and finding lots of low-lifes and no clean air, we left for Yard's tasting room. We tried their two flights and enjoyed most of their offerings.

Next was Brauhaus Schmidt. We tried several of their hard to find beers on tap.

Dinner was at Serpico. We did the tasting menu and generally weren't too impressed. Nothing was terrible but nothing stood out. All the dishes were not on the regular menu, which made us think maybe we shouldn't have done the tasting menu. But at $85, it wasn't a bad deal. We also had the wine tasting.

To finish off the night, we had drinks at Franklin Mortgage. I had to stop drinking because my head was on the verge of spinning.

Krakus market - lots of sausages but I had no idea what they were or which ones to try. I did buy some horseradish cream and Polish ramen noodles - the noodles were $89 per pack, and tasted worse that Top Ramen.

We checked out Czerw's - I wanted to try their hunter stew but that was sold out, shortly after 9.

We rolled to Italian Market and had some tacos at Taqueria Veracruzana - the al pastor was pretty good but the tongue was bland, and cooked with peppers (never had that before and don't like it). Love Fante's, DiBruno, and Claudio.

Had our second lunch at Paesano - Arista and DaddyWad. I just didn't want any more roast pork, but the DaddyWad wasn't that good. I think I rather have Whitehouse Sub.

In the afternoon we had a couple of beers at Monk's Cafe. That place was packed at 2. After that we did some browsing at Barnes & Noble, the Rittenhouse DiBruno's, Boyd's, and another kitchen store.

Dinner was at Vetri. The service was fantastic. The wine pairing was good. The food not remotely worth $155. We split every dish so we tried almost everything. We thought the pasta dishes were weak - not firm enough on the papardelle and fettucine. There were certain good dishes, but not enough of them. I thought the meal would be at least 10 courses but that was wishful thinking.

Sunday - we went to Reading Terminal. I had some gulash, potato pancake and salami sandwich and the Schmitz place. They call the gulash a stew, which was thicker than anything I had in Budapest and seasoned differently. I didn't eat much, but I wanted to taste many things.

Another stop by DiBruno's to pick up provisions and we then we split.

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  1. What a great weekend! My husband and I are thinking about buying an apartment in Philly (we live in NJ, about 45 minutes away) just so we have weekends like this. Sounds like you had a fantastic time.

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    1. re: punkin712

      Hotels in the city are very reasonably priced. Doubletree next to Vetri was $109 a night (roughtly $125 after taxes). The parking garage next door was $22 a night.

      We certainly overindulged. We over-ordered and didn't finish many things, including our drinks.

      BTW, the ramen was $0.89 per bag.

    2. I didn't think it was possible to have TOO MUCH roast pork, but if you're getting stuff that's not great then you had one too many
      Great roundup, thanks for sharing!

      1. You covered a lot of ground

        I love Czerw's but they are always out of everything LOL - need to get over there again soon, thanks for the reminder

        and I am glad you did no try to eat at Sugarhouse!

        1. Wow, sorry you didn't like Serpico

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          1. re: Bigley9

            Everything is somewhat subjective. Overall the Philly board gave me lots of great feedback. I can tell you that most other cities aren't as helpful.

            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              Agree with almost everything you said about places l am familiar with. And it seems l rarely agree with anyone.
              We could eat together.

          2. Great write up. Very manly weekend but I would recommend less grit next time. Even Serpico has some grunge to it. More Vedge and Fond would be softer.

            Did you consider dandelion pub?

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            1. re: dndicicco

              We had a cask ale flight Sat. afternoon at Dandelion that I forgot about. I've also been to Dandelion in the past for great pub fare.