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Mar 10, 2014 07:40 PM

What are your favorite restaurants in Paris that don't cost a fortune or take months to get a reservation?

I'll be in Paris at the end of month with my 15 year old daughter and husband for 6 nights and I'm looking for some great restaurant suggestions - looking for neighborhood gems as well as memorable evenings. Life is too short to waste it on a bad meal.... Thank you for your suggestions!

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  1. There is such a huge choice in Paris. So help us help you by indicating your preferred style of cuisine, where you are staying, budget, etc

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      Thank you Parnassien , with 2500 restaurants in say Pudlo alone, of which probably 2000 are reasonable and not hard to get into we need some narrowing of the field.
      As you read recent threads what appeals?

    2. Le Square Trousseau, L'Ardoise, le Cafe qui Parle.

      I make a point of going to the first two every time I'm in Paris.

      1. Little breizh on left bank is charming, good with teen. They don't take reservations, so maybe going on early side would be best.

        1. Establishing what "reasonable" means to you would be a big help.

          1. The Alain Ducasse restaurant "Aux Lyonnais" fits those criterion. Very reliable and comfortable.