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Mar 10, 2014 06:26 PM

Zabaglione in Midtown

Any recommendations for great Zabaglione, anywhere from Chelsea to like 75th?

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  1. Although I stopped eating there in 2011, I enjoyed zabaione at Scalinatella, by 3rd and 61st. Pricey place, stuffy service, but I usually liked the food.

    1. I don't know if Lidia Bastianich is still personally whipping up zabaglione tableside for diners at Del Posto, but since the key to a great zabliglione is using a very high quality marsala and best possible eggs, I suspect Del Posto is a good bet for those. And if Lidia is still at the whisk herself, it is a great opportunity to learn how this very simple dish is made so you never have to go hungry again. Lidia Bastianich has worked tirelessly to show people that the most lovable dishes from Italy are actually well within the reach of the home cook. She'll even show you at your own table! If you like zabaglione you are probably never going to get it better then what you make at home, and I think Ms. Bastianich would agree.

      Just as an aside, does anyone else ever wonder if people fortunate enough to live in parts of the world where food is abundant to the Nth degree, have a need to mentally create the illusion of scarcity -- as if one needed to be on the constant prowl for food as if it were elusive? I see this on the Italy forum too, as if the entire country were some sort of wasteland where one needs a map or an app or a magnifying glass to dig up isolated meals to nourish soul and body -- when truth is, one is surrounded by nourishing eats there. Manhattan too. Especially if you already know where to buy good eggs and a superior reserve Marsala and can boil water. It's about a 15 minute project at most.

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        Thanks for your great insights kmz. You are so correct about the "elusive hunt" and I couldn't agree more about cucinata a casa.

        But I am a true believer that just as there is a great home-cooking culture, there is also a great restaurant culture.

        During its days of grandure, we used to go to Valentino in Los Angeles, and Piero would come do zabaglione tableside for us. It was the best of theater and presentation.

        It's not surprising that Del Posto would be recommended. They have been on my "catch-up" list.

        1. re: gpier66

          I was lucky enough to have had Lidia personally be at the whisk one evening while dining at Del Posto when it first opened. The zabaglione was sheer perfection. I can't say I have had any that matches it since; even my own!