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Mar 10, 2014 06:01 PM

Connie & Ted's - We went back - A Review!!!

Once Upon a Time...

My (then) brand new husband and I went to Connie & Ted's on the first night it opened. And we just went back. On Saturday night... as in all right for fightin'. (That's the era of the music they played. I never knew my music was trendy! "Sunday Bloody Sunday...." "Don't You... Forget About Me...")

We arrived at 6 pm. We'd made an early reservation so that it'd still be relatively quiet. It wasn't. Not even a little. Not in the bathroom. Not outside. Nowhere.

Our friends were late. So the restaurant did not seat us, but had us wait in the bar -- actually, we opted for an outside area just off the bar. It was very nice there and the server who waited on us had been our waiter from the first night we visited. He claimed to remember us. (Yeah, right.) I knew it was him, though. The first we visited, he recommended an overly-sweet drink. This time, he recommended an overly-sweet drink. (Shame on me.)

Eventually our friends arrived and they seated us right away. I was glad that we got a patio seat because indoors was deafening.

The server was very patient with us in the beginning because it took us a while to decide what to order. That's because I was with my best friend and we had tons to chat and giggle about, just as we have done since grade school. But we finally asked for our starters, which included stuffies (which we read about on this site) and the chowder trio for my better half and me. My best friend and her husband shared an asparagus salad.

My husband and I enjoyed the stuffies (clam shells, I assume!, stuffed with linguicia, bread crumbs and herbs) and the chowders which I remembered fondly from the first visit. (My hubby loved the Rhode Island version.) My friends liked their asparagus salad very much -- or at least they WOULD HAVE -- if it'd had any asparagus... The purple lettuce (sorry I am not conversant in Arugula) was fresh; the tarragon vinaigrette was delicious... but where's the proverbial asparagus??

My girlfriend and I soon ventured off stereotypically to the restroom (which still needs perpetual cleaning, by the way!) while the menfolk ordered a bottle of wine. White wine. It arrived warm. The place is too crowded to set up a wine bucket, so the server (what we used to call a waitress) took off with the warm wine to chill it God knows where.

Meanwhile, in spite of my desire to talk endlessly, entrees were brought to the table. In spite of my warnings, my friends both ordered fresh fish. Beware: the daily fish is under-seasoned! THAT I remember from our first visit. It was a real shock then.) BUT they claimed their fish was excellent. My girlfriend got the monkfish cooked with herbs and declared it perfectly seasoned, so there. Her husband got buck-naked, severely, intensely dull sturgeon and, since he hates flavor and calories, he loved it.

My husband and I both ordered the lobster (lob-stah??) rolls. Again, we took that from reading the recommendations on this site. Also, at least for me, I've never had a lobster roll. Not even in Maine! And, frankly, lobster on a hotdog bun sounds funny. But, hey, they say this one is great, so why not?

We both ordered it "hot" -- which means there is drawn butter on the roll. If you order it cold, you get mayonnaise. I like mayonnaise fine, unfortunately (my lucky husband does not) so he ordered it hot; therefore, I did. (Lobster and mayonnaise just strikes me weird. But maybe... on a beach... on the east coast... I dunno!! But here, say at Santa Monica beach with KHJ radio blaring the song "Sunny - one so true...", I like tuna sandwiches with potato chips and sand in 'em, so who knows!)

We both liked our lobster rolls. My friends liked their fish. So we gave in to the dessert menu. Not up for Indian Pudding (though we read good things about it) we simply ordered a sundae (vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup). Our skinny pals went with the gelato. There was some almondy flavor in our chocolate sauce. Frangelico maybe? I have no idea, but it wrecked it for me. Where's Wil Wright's when you need it???

All in all, we had a REALLY fun time. I overheard no obnoxious Angelenos like last time, though I imagine our neighbors did. The best part - having fun with good friends and good food. The worst? The decibels.

And there you have it! Go, enjoy, eat, order something you've never had and listen to some DePeche Mode! Tell 'em Susie sent you!

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  1. Definitely needed to start a new thread for this......

    1. Fun review! :-) I still haven't made it there. :-(

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      1. >> I like mayonnaise fine, unfortunately (my lucky husband does not) so he ordered it hot; therefore, I did. <<

        Nice. One of the coolest things about being a ChowCouple is that you can each order a different item (or items) from any given menu, then share and explore. This way, you can eat your way through twice the breadth of the menu compared to going at it solo.

        1. I feel abused when the sound level is 'deafening'; it does not
          provide the atmosphere I'm seeking and esp avoids the
          experience I need from dining.

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          1. re: VenusCafe

            I sat outside on the patio for lunch, and noise wasn't an issue at all.

          2. Nice review.
            Thank you.
            For me, these are the best oysters I've had in the city in a long time. Served cold and fresh with liquor in tact.
            I'm intrigued by the stuffies...we used to have these in the freezer growing up and could just nuke one for a minute or so and be in business...been a while!

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            1. re: jessejames

              I agree with you regarding the oysters. Also the best raw clams.

              1. re: jessejames

                Thanks for the compliment on the review! Stuffies in the freezer? Was this NOT in California? The stuffies were new to me.

                BY THE WAY, "Hounds", we also ordered the hot buttered rolls on this site's recommendation! I forgot to mention that. They were good! Couldn't finish 'em since our diety pals would not indulge. :( But they WERE good!

                PS - I now gather that the chocolate syrup had Amaretto in it. Sorry -- don't know my headache-inducing, overly sweet liqueurs!!!