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Mar 10, 2014 05:38 PM

Last Minute Trip - Woman Dining Alone at Bar

Hi all - I just found out that I am going to New Orleans for work tomorrow and would love to have a nice dinner tomorrow evening. Obviously, too late to make reservations most places or do a ton of research. i tried a few search but didn't find much in the way of recent posts but would great appreciate recommendations of a place where I would be able to get a seat at the bar and enjoy a great New Orleans dinner where I would be comfortable dining by myself. I'm staying in the CBD so someplace in the area would be a bonus. If I had more warning, i would have loved to go back to Cochon or somewhere like that. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I've made a number of solo trips to NOLA, and have never felt unwelcome anywhere. Just go where you want. (I've been particularly taken with the service at Galatoie's: they know how to cater to lone females, IMO.)

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        I've eaten probably hundreds of meals all (well, not ALL) over the world and have never felt uncomfortable or unwelcome.

      2. Is it important that you dine at the bar? Meaning, what about a quiet, not-crowded place that doesn't have much of a bar/you'd be at a table? If that doesn't matter much, check out MiLa and Cane and Table. The latter is actually a rum-based bar on Decatur but with a gorgeous courtyard and fun food offerings with a Caribbean bent. It would require a cab, though.

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          Thanks. It doesn't matter if I sit at the bar. I just wasn't sure about getting reservations for a table this late in the game. Thanks for the recommendations.

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            Mila serves their full menu at the bar. Not the same ambiance as the restaurant, but the food is the same.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Nice! Not sure the husband would like that, but it got a good laugh out of me!

            2. Okay, it appears obvious that I will feel welcome/comfortable most anywhere. Any thoughts on where it would be easy to get a seat and a great meal tomorrow night?

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                Magazine Street, if you're willing to cab it, is loaded with great places, such as Coquette, Lilette, Martinique, La Petite after another. The folks who have the excellent Gautreau's recently opened a small plates restaurant on Magazine named Ivy. Endless choices, have fun perusing menus online!

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                  All top notch suggestions. I'd throw Herbsaint and Mariza into that mix too.

                  I think I'd mentioned this recently: I was struck the last time I was in Snug Harbor at how many solo women were there at the show. If you're looking for an earlyish music show, S.H. seems worthy of a recommendation.

                  [Edit: Mr. S. has all top notch suggestions. I, uh, can't speak to the roadside stall. (Tonight's sazaracs seem maybe more potent than usual...?)]

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                    Thanks all! La Petite Grocery looks great and I was also thinking about Herbsaint but I wasn't sure how hard it would be get a seat (whether at the bar otherwise). Do you think it will be an issue?

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                      As a solo I rarely have too much trouble scoring a bar seat. People tend to orphan seats -- leaving an empty one between couples. While this a detestable habit brought on by shortsightedness and fear of strangers, it does have its advantages for the single diner.

                      That said, the bar at Herbsaint is small and maybe it would be an issue. LPG has a table on opentable for 8:30.

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                        where did you go and how was it mvilla?