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Mar 10, 2014 05:16 PM

Post Wedding Brunch in Napa

My fiancé and I are getting married at The Carneros Inn in Napa on 5/24 and are looking for a place where we can host a casual brunch for 50 or so people on the following day. I've been turned down by Gott's Roadside in Downtown Napa (I could arguably try the St. Helena location but most of our guests are staying downtown and I think it's too far) as well as a slew of wineries that are either already booked, or too small for our party. I don't want to host it in a windowless hotel banquet room and we can't really spend more than $2500 as we are already way over budget, which excludes us from hosting again at Carneros where it would clock in at about $4k. Does anyone have any other ideas? Much appreciated.

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  1. What about outside in a City or State Park?

      1. Your biggest problem is that it is Memorial Weekend which is HUGE for restaurant business in the valley.

        I would call Kitchen Door at Oxbow and see if they can help. I have catered events there but not a brunch and they were able to provide pizza, pasta, and salad for about $40 a person all-in. Fillippi's Pizza Grotto is across the street and they could definitely fit all you in for about $25/$30 a person, but I'm not sure that is what you have in mind for a brunch.

        Lastly, I would call Grace's Table. They do an amazing brunch but it might involve a buy-out for a big weekend like that and I don't know what they would charge or if they would do it...

        1. Hi... ironically we are getting married at Carneros Inn and I too am looking for an alternate brunch location... did you ever find anything that worked? also if you dont mind sharing some of the locations that you researched i would be very grateful.. thanks

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            We ended up having our brunch at the Napa General Store in downtown Napa and it was perfect. They set us up with some kings tables outside in a roped off area and wee had a breakfast buffet. I believe there were three menus to choose from and consumption bar (wine, beer, champagne, mimosas, bellinis) but no site fee. Our bill was $1800 total for 60 ppl. My mother-in-law also repurposed some flowers from our wedding for the tables at brunch and it was lovely.

            I honestly can't even remember all the vineyards I contacted for brunch but nothing came in below $50pp and usually also required a site fee. I contacted The Thomas, The Andaz hotel, The Westin, Gott's Roadside, a couple of places in the Oxbow Market, and The Carneros and there was nowhere that could either house a group of our size, or meet our budget. We ultimately ended up very happy and the General Store was a perfect location for most of our guests who were staying downtown anyway.

            Let me know if I can answer anything else for you and have an amazing wedding! Carneros was so fantastic I can't even tell you. We are planning a trip back for our anniversary this May.