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Mar 10, 2014 04:58 PM

Vietri white

I've tried everywhere to get a review regarding Vietri white dinnerware from someone who's actually used it. One reviewer on Amazon reviewed the Crema and complained that it became distressed with grey marks from silverware (which could not be removed). I tried emailing Vietri and got no response.
I love pottery. I'm not looking for bone china. But Vietri is so expensive that I'm not willing to spend the money and wind up with an inferior product.
Help! Please-someone who actually owns and has used it.

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  1. Hi,

    I don't have this particular dinnerware, but I checked the manufacturer's website, and it is described as terra cotta dinnerware. For what it's worth, terra cotta is a type of earthenware, which is fired at a fairly low temperature (for ceramics) so it's going to be fairly soft.

    The hardness of dinnerware is partly based on the quality of the clay and partly based on the firing techniques. Earthernware, including terra cotta, is at the lower end of the scale, stoneware is in the middle, and porcelain is at the top. (Glass dinnerware is not made of clay and is a separate topic.)

    Hope this helps.

    1. All dinnerware that is white will eventually show distress marks from silverware in my experience. I have both fine china and earthenware, though my earthenware is not Vietri, and over the years both have shown the marks. I try not to stress over it, since the alternative is not to eat off of it.

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        I have white bone china (with a pattern), and had cream in the past and never had a problem with marking.
        Since the Vietri is an extremely pure white, I'm interested in hearing from a Vietri owner.
        But thanks for the quick response.