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Mar 10, 2014 04:48 PM

Bistro à Lille

Looking for a good bistro in Lille for late May, Tuesday night. Prefer modern local cuisine. 50-100€ for two.

We liked our honeymoon in Barcelona last spring so much that we're going to take one every year now. Gent (3hr) and a day and half each in Antwerp and Bruges this year. Next year London, then Venice.

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  1. The fact that none of us has leapt up or crept up, signals to me either that you haven't given us some choices to approve or shoot down or that Lille-fatigue has set in.
    A L'Huiterie and La Laiterie remain popular.
    But the real dessert is at the Museum, closed for so long.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      I don't have anything in mind. Thank you, but your fine choices are too pricey for my purposes unless we do a big lunch for a change. Le Champlain seems like a good choice, but I am open to others.

      I've never been there and I won't be going back. One place in France I've never reached and I know it's worth a day. Others are Bourges, Vichy, Compiègne, Dieppe, and Cherbourg.

      1. re: collioure

        FWIW, we walked from the gare to Maison Champlain, pulling our single wheelie. Madame Gaboriau chided us for not making our arrival known to them, and when we checked out, Monsieur Gaboriau insisted on giving us a ride to the station, apologizing that their better car was being store out of town that weekend to accommodate Braderie. guests. Very generous hosts!

    2. Okay. My contribution is not relevant to your quest, but was a stay full of smiles for us. The Maison Champlain is a townhouse a half block off Place de la Republique that offers 4 uber-luxe rooms/suites and a private dining room for around 16. The owners (hostess and chef) are dedicated, generous and delightful. The evening meal is modern and local and a steal for the quality. Were I returning to Lille, I would book in a heartbeat. It would be perfect for a second or 50th honeymoon.

      It IS over the top in terms of decoration (16 throw pillows in our sitting room), but it is utterly comfortable in terms of bedding and bath amenities. And the cooking is better than many 1-stars. Plates can be a little fussy, but flavor and technique are right.

      1. What do you think of l'Atelier Gourmand?

        Oh, never mind. It's not local cuisine.

        Still looking then.

        1. I was going to ask about l'Atelier Gourmand, but that's not even local cusine.

          So how about
          la Tete de l'Art
          N'Autre Monde
          Jour de Pêche
          Monsieur Jean
          Saint-Jo Steakhouse


          1. Well, I've settled on Jour de Pêche.
            la Tete de l'Art is no more.
            Meert is only open 3 nights a week
            Chef has left Saint-Jo Steakhouse but may not be needed for a simple formula restaurant.

            However, if someone has comments, they still will be appreciated.

            Dining at Hofstraat 24 and le Zoute Zoen in Antwerp and at Pergola in Bruges on same trip.

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            1. re: collioure

              Jour de Peche in Lille was excellent, but with a nice bottle of Suremain Mercurey blanc 1er cru the bill was well over 100€.

              le Zoute Zoen in Antwerp was equally good, and la Pergola in Bruges was great. Avoid de Kleine Zavel in Antwerp - amateur hour IMO.