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Mar 10, 2014 04:43 PM

Dragon Dynasty

I went there today for dim sum but there was a sign saying that its closed due to some ventilation issue. Does anything know the real reason why they were closed? I smelled smoke some smoke at one of the side doors too.

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  1. Had a "late bird" 3pm lunch today at DD. First time back this year after its renovation.
    Had 9-10 dim sum dishes - the usual standard fare - bar har gau, fried radish (carrot) cake and chicken feet. Enjoyed the porridge and fish skin dumpling in particular.

    Overall the meal was above average and value for money. This was the best dim sum I had vs the last few times there last year (all also late bird time)

    S,M,L @$2.80 for early/ late bird at 930AM - 11AM and 2PM - 4PM.

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    1. re: yippy

      Was here recently and had a solid lunch, with the one exception of a single extremely rude woman pushing the carts.