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Mar 10, 2014 01:47 PM

Need Advice for Kyo Ya

Hi, I am planning for my anniversary at Kyo Ya. I really want your advice whether should I get kaiseki dinner or ala carte. If kaiseki, which one do you think is most recommended. I heard that the chawanmushi and pressed sushi is very good. The only found in ala carte only I guessed.

I wonder if I can just order 1 kaiseki, and the rest is a la carte. I am worried if I order 2 kaiseki + a la carte, it will be too much food. My other worry, is it possible or rude having 1 kaiseki + ala carte to be shared?

Please advice. Thanks.

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  1. We did the longest kaiseki last fall. If I remember there was a steamed custard in the kaiseki. But not pressed sushi.
    I'm not sure on sharing but I will say the staff and service are so gracious is almost crazy. A lovely group of people. So it's ok to ask. I recommend the kaiseki though. It's a good progression and they are obviously very proud of it from talking with the chef.

    1. You can add any ala carte dish you want to your kaiseki meal. They will be glad to accommodate you and they will bring it at the "right" time during the dinner.
      For first time there i would get the most expensive Kaiseki dinner. Pressed sushi is around 6 pieces ( i think) , head to tail on the fish. It is filling. My advice is just add the chawanmushi. Skip the pressed fish. It will be too much food.

      1. I've never finished the kaiseki. Always have to take the clay pot rice home. Also it's seasonal so the menu changes.

        1. Thanks, I will call them tonight.