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Mar 10, 2014 12:54 PM

Reader's Poll Bday Dinner: Gato vs. Ma Peche Dim Sum

Which would you go for - Bday of 10 girls - 25th birthday.


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  1. Trying the Ma Peche Dim Sum next week; will report back.

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      1. re: JBG89

        Went last night to Ma Peche. Thought the dim sum was great and lots of fun. As a previous poster said, the carts usually only had 1 or 2 servings so not ideal for a large group, BUT Ma Peche still offers a large format meal for big groups (not sure of the details but it's on their website). A very large group was there last night and everything they were served looked amazing. Worth looking into.

      2. re: ellenost

        Just returned from the new dim sum format at Ma Peche.

        Verdict: delicious food and a lot of fun!

        Not all of the items listed on the website were offered, but that gives me reason to return. I had:

        Black bass and foie gras (a favorite dish from the Kappō);p
        Cod fritters
        Roasted rack of lamb
        Lobster and lemongrass butter (choice of tail, claw or knuckles)
        Trout roe with potato pancakes (heated tableside)
        Vegetable fried rice
        1/2 Habanero fried chicken (1/2 taken home)
        Special spicy beet stew
        Apple and peanut butter dessert.

        The various carts regularly circle the dining room, but no traffic jams. If you don't get a chance to take something from one of the carts, the cart will be back shortly.

        Really enjoyed the interaction with the servers and cooks. Reminded me of the interaction at EMP. As a solo diner, I felt always engaged.

        Ma Peche has a recently expanded beverage program with a beautiful book.

        Highly recommend the new format!

        1. re: ellenost

          Some photos. Sea food dim sum (lobster tail, uni, trout roe and pancakes). Apple and peanut butter dessert.

      3. dim sum for ten could be difficult. you could need four orders of one dish in order for everyone to get one bite.

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        1. re: coasts

          i agree with this. when i went for lunch last week, the carts usually only had 1 or at most 2 of each dish. i'm sure the carts will be going around more frequently during dinner, but 10 might be too large of a group for everyone to share all dishes at once.

          i also think its probably too early to go to Gato. i'm big into giving places 3-6 months after they open before checking them out.

        2. When is the dinner? I would give Gato a few weeks to work out any new restaurant issues before going with a group....

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Dinner is on the 29th - thanks for the replies so far