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Mar 10, 2014 12:48 PM

McKays (Quincy) not just breakfast

McKays has been on my to go list forever and while well known as a great breakfast spot they also do lunch. Today we headed out on a mission for fish and chips. At noon they were still busy with regulars having breakfast but we opted for the fish and chips and a fried scallop plate. Portions were large with 2 huge pieces of nicely fried and fresh fish. There is nothing better than a good fry job at least IMHO. The scallops were plentiful, easily 15 good size scallops. I also was surprised at the number of lunch items being offered and how good the prices were.

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  1. O yea, I used to get the hot open faced roast beef sandwich. Great place

    1. I really like this place. Dickie McKay has been cranking out great comfort food lunches for years. He's also open for dinner Thursdays and Fridays. Love his grilled chicken breast sandwich, fried clam roll, scallop roll and his pancakes. My wife is into the shepherd's pie. a little Quincy gem. Great diner coffee.

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        I am never around for lunch. But maybe I'll get over there on. Friday or weekend.

        Finally libertywharf and I agree!