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Total Indecisiveness -- can you help me decide?

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Sorry for being a pest but this trip has me completely loopy.

I never changed my mind so many times about where I want to eat. I have three nights -- but I think I am sticking with my plan to spend one at Buccalupo. The other two are where I am running into indecisive insanity.

I am trying to narrow it down between:
Leon's Full Service
St. Cecelia
King and Duke
Cake and Ale
Iberian Pig -- this was on my list, but I'm thinking of removing it.

I won't have a car and will be using public transport (and perhaps 1 cab) I can't spend a fortune -- around $50 for dinner with tax and tip.

Which two would you choose?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. My experience:
    Iberian - been once, good food, noisy, crowded
    Leon's - been a few times, noisy, crowded, food's okay

    You know, your mileage may vary.

    To complicate things; better than the one's I've mentioned, I'd prefer Cafe Alsace.

    1. Ok, the plans have been made. Thanks for all the help along the way!