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Where to Buy free range, organic, beef?

Hi, I am looking for a store or a farm in North CA to buy free range, human, organic meat!! I have been searching and searching, but haven't found what I am looking for.
I found Mary's chicken, which are wonderful & sold at whole foods!! But for beef/lamb/pork, nothing!
Any recommendation is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I'm sure there are many places but here's the ranch that Bill Niman started after selling Niman Ranch and becoming disassociated with them.


    BTW, I flagged this as it likely belongs on CA or SFBA board

      1. I usually buy my red meat at the weekly farmers markets. There are a couple providers who show up there regularly. There's on in Serramonte on Sunday mornings, at the Ferry Building, and at other places in the city.

        1. Where in the Bay Area? Or are you in the Bay Area?

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            In the Bay area / silicon valley. San Jose to be exact!

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              If you're looking for Certified Humane, Prather Ranch in SF may be the closest.

          2. sorry for the typo; the word is Humane =) (not human)

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              To err is humane
              to forgive divine
              a reluctant cannibal*
              *see Flanders and Swann

            2. http://www.sfgate.com/food/article/Ca...

              This article is very informative and you can also glean some sources from it.

              1. I'll second the Prather Ranch recommendation, and add True Grass Farms [I find them at the Temescal and Montclair Farmers' Markets], and Marin Sun Farms.

                1. Be aware that there are few certified organic slaughterhouses in California. An animal that has been raised on a certified organic ranch cannot be sold as organic if it has not been processed in certified organic facilities. So that's going to be a difficult standard to meet for the time being.

                  Belcampo has its own certified organic slaughterhouse. It will be opening a butcher shop in Palo Alto at Town & Country Village soon. That would be the closest of its outlets to you.

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                    Prather Ranch has its own slaughterhouse.

                    There's lots of certified organic beef from elsewhere.

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                      Both true.

                      I was responding to the request for a farm in Northern CA.

                      Grocery Outlet has certified organic ground beef from Oregon at a reasonable price.

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                        Oh, farm, yeah. Are any farms that sell direct certified organic?

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                          OP didn't specify that s/he wanted to buy direct.

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                            I don't know what "farm to buy meat" would mean except buying direct.

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                              "I am looking for a store or a farm in North CA"

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                            Belcampo and Prather for butchered meat.

                            Salmon Creek markets its ducks as certified organic. It's other animals are also raised on organic pasture but are not labeled certified organic.

                            Liberty Duck will be launching a certified organic line this year.

                            One can buy a live animal from a certified organic farm on the hoof for home slaughter.

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                              Preston Farm and Winery and Quivira Winery are both certified organic and raise livestock for meat.

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                          Melanie, we're going through that in Reno. Fighting to keep the only certified slaughterhouse open.

                        3. Prather Ranch is at the Sunday farmers market in Campbell:


                          1. I rarely cook meat at home, but I do see organic beef and lamb often at Franklin Whole Foods. Their signage is often difficult to make out or make sense of.

                            I believe the butcher at Ferry Plaza also carries organic meats.