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Mar 10, 2014 12:13 PM

Where to Buy free range, organic, beef?

Hi, I am looking for a store or a farm in North CA to buy free range, human, organic meat!! I have been searching and searching, but haven't found what I am looking for.
I found Mary's chicken, which are wonderful & sold at whole foods!! But for beef/lamb/pork, nothing!
Any recommendation is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I'm sure there are many places but here's the ranch that Bill Niman started after selling Niman Ranch and becoming disassociated with them.

    BTW, I flagged this as it likely belongs on CA or SFBA board

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I usually buy my red meat at the weekly farmers markets. There are a couple providers who show up there regularly. There's on in Serramonte on Sunday mornings, at the Ferry Building, and at other places in the city.

          1. Where in the Bay Area? Or are you in the Bay Area?

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              In the Bay area / silicon valley. San Jose to be exact!

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                If you're looking for Certified Humane, Prather Ranch in SF may be the closest.