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Mar 10, 2014 11:28 AM

When in Italy [moved from Ontario]

C Hounder's, I am taking my family to Italy in May. This is our first visit. I will be in Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome. Any can't miss places you would recommend? Price is a consideration but not the only requirement. Thanks Much.

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    1. re: bluefirefly

      Tank you all this is great we will come back after perusing the other boards.

    2. It would be worth your while to use the "Search" feature in the upper right-hand corner of this page to search for recommendations for each of the cities you are planning to visit. Or you could simply scroll down thru the many posts made here over the past several months.

      There are a ton of posts already here regarding dining in Rome, Florence & Venice.

      Milan gets fewer recommendations, although I can recommend Al Porto, a restaurant in Milan that specializes in seafood.

      Here is a very helpful current thread on Rome:

      Here is a very helpful recent thread on Florence:

      1. Besides scrolling the board for previous posts, it would be helpful if you can give some specifics such as: any small children/teenagers in your family, how long is your stay in each city, getting around, ambience and food preferences.
        "Price is a consideration but not the only requirement": what are you considering to spend? one person won't blink on the cost of La Pergola whereas it is a weeks budget to another; what are your requirements?