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Mar 10, 2014 08:31 AM


Now that WRIT has shut down the bagel shop in Bradlee in Alexandria, VA, where in the world am I going to get a decent bagel besides NY or Chicago?

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  1. Lots of places closer. Bethesda Bagels in DC, Izzie's in Rockville, and I find Breugger's (multiple locations) perfectly acceptable.

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    1. re: Steve

      For a chain bagel joint, Bruegger's is pretty darn good. Way better than Manhattan, Einstein, or Chesapeake. Shame they only have a few locations in the whole DC area.

    2. I keep hearing about this place out in Germantown or some far MoCo suburb. It is called Royal Bagel Bakery. My dentist, who is from the UES, had his office manager bring them in because she lived up there. He claims they are the real deal. The website says the owners are from Lawn Guyland. Way too far to go, though they do have egg bagels, which makes me think that someday I will give it a try.

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        Royal is very good, but I don't think they're better than the places in lower MoCo. Goldberg's is my favorite, but only inches ahead of Bethesda Bagel and Ize's (and Royal).

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          I've been to Goldberg's in Rockville (Cabin John Shopping Center) and Kensington. Both were awful. Huge, soft, fluffy bread-like things in a round shape. I think Bethesda Bagel is OK.

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            Huge, fluffy bagels at Goldberg's? Weird - that's definitely not how I would describe them.

            1. re: Just Visiting

              I'm very surprised. I've had Goldberg's numerous times and their bages have never been huge, soft or fluffy.

        2. Goldberg's in Silver Spring.

          1. But MoCO is a hike from Alexandria... ;-(

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            1. re: Msdebbyc

              Yeah but not nearly as far as NYC. Hey, I have to schlep over to Virginia for all kinds of good stuff.

            2. you pick your poisons.... ;-)