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Mar 10, 2014 08:29 AM

Vegetarian in Austin - quick updates to previous recommendations/new options

Hi friends,

I hope everyone is doing well. Myself and a friend are visiting Austin for the first time. We are looking for a quick rundown on some of the most delicious dining options that are either vegetarian or have a fair selection of options for vegetarians (not Vegans, thus cheese, dairy are ok).

I have read through the board and identified some options, e.g Mothers, Mr. Natural, Trudy's, Ruby's BBQ, but just wanted to see if there are any additions, or alternates that we should pick.

We are staying near the convention center and have a car. We are ok with mid to fancy but not exorbitant dining. For us the quality of food and service (does not have to be fancy, but just attentive and polite) is what is most important.

We want to try:
1) Thai
2) BBQ
3) Tex-Mex
4) Pizza

We are coming from Houston and eat Indian food often as well as salads so wish to avoid those.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Don't bother with Mother's. People like it for nostalgia, but most of the food isn't very good. Their best dish is their salad, which you're not interested in.

    Mr. Natural is a very good idea. I highly recommend the Milanesa and their refried beans.

    If you want to actually eat barbecue, and not just eat food at a barbecue restaurant, there's a new vegetarian BBQ food cart called BBQ Revolution. They usually offer soy curls, tempeh, and seitan which they smoke. The soy curls are the best of the three. Their hours are iffy, so check facebook before going.

    For Thai, Titaya's is the best for vegetarians, but there might be long lines since it just reopened. The other good spot is Thai Fresh.

    Pizza: Via 313 (Detroit style, which is similar to deep dish). Otherwise, pizza opinions can be divisive, depending on what style you want.

    Tacos: Veracruz All Natural (a cart) and Tacodeli both have good vegetarian menus. And it's not very traditional, but I love the tacos at Cherrywood Coffeehouse. They have shoestring potatoes that are amazing.

    Near the convention center: Schmaltz (Jewish/veg cart with a veg pastrami sandwich), Frank (hot dogs), Chi'lantro (Korean tacos)

    Veg restaurants: Bouldin Creek is a must. Unity Vegan Kitchen has a really good muffaleta, and they're in the same lot as BBQ Revolution, so you can do both at once. If you like food on the healthier side, try Counter Culture, otherwise you can skip it. (Their thing is healthy comfort food.)

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      Thank you so much Mollyjade I appreciate your recommendations. I will let you know which ones I tried out.

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        We tried Counter Culture and I was pleasantly surprised. We only had 1 hour in Austin and we needed something close to the highway. I stipulated sandwich options as a requirement and the bf found Counter Culture on his phone. I knew it was vegan (we are both vegetarian) but when I sat down and saw the super healthy gluten free raw no fat added menu I was pretty miffed! We shared a tempeh reuben and a jackfruit bbq sandwich. Both were tasty but the jackfruit won hands down and had a really satisfying texture. I was also impressed with the tangy dressing on my caesar salad.