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Mar 10, 2014 08:27 AM

They're telling me what to like and how to like it!?

I am a fan of the TV shows of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country by America's Test Kitchen. I don't like everything they do. They try a bit too hard sometimes. They also try to make something of what was and still is nothing.

But, when they tell me what I'm supposed to like and how to like it...
When they tell me what is 'perfect' and it's the opposite of what I would call perfect...

Well, I jump on and tell you all about it.

This link:

describes what I would throw in the garbage and start over again.

that crunchy crispy burnt egg would be a laughing disaster in my home. if anyone tried to serve that in our kitchen it would go untouched. my MiL makes them somewhat like that and my kids and I won't touch them.

Perfect would be defined differently, and certainly not with a crunchy crispy tough egg white. no. that is definitely NOT perfect!

Thanks for letting me rant about this abomination of a trend that should be outlawed!

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  1. Eggs are very personal. There are a lot of styles out there and they are all valid. ATK describes what they are going for, so if that's not how you like it, don't make it. Personally, I do at times like a crisp edge on an otherwise soft egg. If I don't want crisp edges, I prefer to poach (and I love poached eggs just as much as fried).

    1. Outlawed? Really? Eat your eggs however you like them, but your commendation of that shown is as ridiculous as their claim of perfection.

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        The things that people get all worked up over, I tell ya.

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          Eggs should be Outlawed... no..people who like eggs should be Outlawed !

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            I must be slow. What is Gastronomos commending here (that is shown)? I could find only one link, and that one seemed more condemnation than anything....

          2. Doesn't this apply to basically any food or restaurant that has ever been labeled "best" or "perfect" by anyone? What about the 23023985235 recipes out there for "best ever chocolate chip cookies!"?

            All food tastes are personal, and everyone has their version of "perfect". If you disagree, just make it the way you like it and happily go about your day. Crunchy crispy burnt eggs could well be perfect fried eggs for many, many people out there - their preferences are just as valid as yours! :)

            1. I agree with you that ATK's anointing any one version as "perfect" is silly but the link shows an egg that is described as having crispy edges, tender white and runny yolk. Not tough egg white or burnt in any way. In fact, that is just how I like my eggs!

              Of course, you're welcome to yours any way you like!

              1. I did view the episode that admits that their favorite way of frying an egg is to baste it with a spoon. They also admitted that, to them, it's difficult to do more than one egg at a time that way. I haven't had any trouble doing more than one egg with the classic basting method, but I guess they're trying to show an easier way by covering with a lid. Too bad, it seems like the consensus is crispy. I'll keep to my basting and tender whites. thanks .