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Mar 10, 2014 08:25 AM

Georgian (the country, not the state) wine availability

Hello! I'm wondering if anyone knows of any places in and close to Tamarac, Florida that stock Georgian (the country, not the state) wines please...

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  1. You would *probably* have better luck asking on Florida or Miami board -- not only do most of us not live in Florida, and so have no idea what's on the shelves of a retailer there, but at least some of us have no idea where Tamarac, Florida is without consulting a map.

    That said, finding Georgian wines is difficult *anywhere* in the US, outside of a Russian/Georgian ethnic neighborhood/stores.

    1. Hi. For list of retailers click on and scroll down to USA. For importers, click on and scroll down to USA.

      1. So far as I can see they're not distributed in Florida.

        You might try contacting some of the places on this list to see if they'll ship to you (unless you're in a dry county):

        1. Astor Wines in NYC has at least 5 or 6...i buy them regularly...perhaps they can ship them to you? personal fav is the Pheasant's Tears Shavkapito

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            Was at Pheasant Tears vineyard last year on a wine tour of Georgia. Brilliant owner and winemaker.
            l am a big fan of Georgian saperavi, very big red grape varietal.