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Mar 10, 2014 08:19 AM

lunch near World Trade Center (flower show)

We're coming to the Flower Show at the World Trade Center this weekend. Anyplace nearby good for lunch?

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  1. Genre? Price? How much time do you have?

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      And how far are you willing to walk for something that fits your parameters?

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        Thanks! we don't have a lot of time, want something nearby, not too fancy but good food :-)

      2. First, if just a day trip you want to get there early. The parking lots are about half the size as a year ago.
        There are plenty of places down there. From a hole in the wall called Yankee Lobster which serves the best chowder in town, to the newest Legal Seafood. For decent Italian or just great pizza, there is Salvatores.
        There's a dunkins for coffee and the seaport hotel has a nice cafe.

        1. About a 10 minute walk is Sportello; also Blue Ginger is open on Saturdays.

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              Thanks for the correction. Had lunch at Blue Ginger recently and it must have been stuck in my mind.

          1. Row 34 is awesome, but open for lunch only M-F (if your weekend starts early...) - make a reservation.

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              Second Row 34. I felt welcome and had a great meal. I could talk to my dining companion without shouting.

              This was at lunch and I know it could be louder when full of people but it was wonderful. Hospitality vs the "get them in an move them out" is the Row 34 mindset.


            2. Yankee Lobster for a nice seafood lunch