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Mar 10, 2014 07:51 AM

sea urchin?

I have only tried it once, years ago, but I would love to try it again. Anyone know restaurants in the area who serve it well? How is best prepared?

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  1. I'm not as much a fan as my hubby is, but the best that I've had was at Neptune Oyster, served right in the test (shell). I'm not sure if they have it all the time or not, though.

    1. It is mostly available in Japanese restaurants and is a favorite of many sushi lovers, including me. Freshness is key because if it isn't fresh it can have an off putting iodine type of flavor..In most sushi bars you can also order with the yolk of a raw quail egg on top which makes it taste even richer. Someone told me the recently opened Row 34 has a version of Uni on their menu too

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        And "shots",(well those lil cup things) of warm sake with quail eggs' slightly' poached...YUM>>>>

      2. Uni and Cafe Sushi both have it regularly. Santa Barbara seems to be everywhere this month.

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          1. Uni Ikura don is also a great way to enjoy uni. Basically steaming hot rice topped with salmon roe and sea urchin.

            Hmm...maybe that is what I will have for lunch today ;)