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Mar 10, 2014 06:46 AM


went there last night for 1st timePortugese place.Got there at 630,not very crowded.Server,maria, came right over and everything sounded great--we went with 2 specials,the chicken soup and a marinated pork chunk dish.Well the soup was excellent--but the pork dish with clams was bad.We had asked to put my wifes clams on the side since she hates clams--thats didnt happen.The pork was not trimmed and was very grissly/tough---just a bad cut of meat.Half the meals here are pork based,so assume they all have the same cut. When i looked at Urbanspoon before goingIi saw may of the reviews had little history reviewing,all reviews were very good and excelent,figure must be stuffing the reviews with friends
Then when we wanted to leave it had gotten very crowded and it took 30 minutes and 3 requests to diffreent folks to get a bill--we never saw maria again,iand i think shes an owner--we wont be back

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  1. My only experience at Emidio's was in August 2012 when I took 16 members of my church's International Dining group. We were all well pleased with the menu and the quality of the dishes. I have been wanting to return ever since - but have not. It isn't exactly convenient to where we live.