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Mar 10, 2014 05:46 AM

Review of Common Quarter

Went to Common Quarter this weekend - new restaurant in Marietta opened by the team behind Muss & Turners and Local 3. I would call this well-executed Southern food, but not modern or fancy, which is probably what you'd expect from these guys. I started with the roasted carrot salad, which was a really nice surprise. The carrots we charred a bit with some spice rub on them, but still a bit firm in the middle. Served over a bed of greens with thin slices of radish and golden beets, chunks of avocado, sprinkled with pepitas and finished with a dollop of sour cream. Yummy and fresh! A nice transition from winter to spring in a salad. I had the pork shoulder, which was fall apart wonderful and tender, served over some super creamy polenta with roasted broccoli. I think the polenta was my favorite part of the dish. Hubby had 2 4oz. filets of trout over celery root puree with brussel sprouts and apples. The mouthful was wonderful mix of flavors and textures, so I gave him credit for ordering the better dish. We shared cornbread with pot likker which was a really nice touch - thin cornbread sitting in the greens and likker was exactly what you want on the side of a Southern meal. We also tried the lobster farro-and-cheese dish, which was unimpressive. While the farro held up as a nice sub for pasta, the cheese sauce was not enough to make it interesting and the lobster just laid on top felt out of place. Won't get it again. Dessert was good too - chocolate mousse cake with berry puree and chocolate sauce was exactly what my chocolate-loving hubby wanted. I didnt' take my kids this time, but the atmosphere would have allowed for it and I saw a kids menu online, which was surprising. All in all i think this will be a great addition to East Cobb dining. $90 for 2, but only 1 cocktail was ordered.

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  1. great review--thanks We tried a new place too Emidios,but i rated it poor--ill post a review

    1. So we ended up there again this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. This time we took the kids (4 & 2) and I have to say they really know how to handle kids! Food was fired immediately and they had grilled cheese and fries within 10 mins or ordering, which is so important to let everyone enjoy the meal. And we got to steal fries while waiting...yummy! I had chicken and dumplings this time - the chicken was a breast and the drummette (airline chicken?), and was fine but not particlarly interesting. But hte dumplings were pillowy and wonderful, and the pistou in the broth was herby and delicious, with chard and pickled radishes to round it out. My biggest problem was i wanted to eat with a spoon to get all the broth and that didn't work with the big piece of chicken. My husband had shrimp spaghettini and I finished the last half of it (stole?). Lovely raosted cherry tomatoes and lots of garlic, and they didn't skimp on portion or shrimp! My parents had the pork shoulder and trout that we had last time and were thrilled. They accomodated substitutions for my picky father (mash potato for polenta, no veg), which was nice because that can severely limit my places to take him. But a great family spot, with high quality food and good portions. Strong recommendation and really good fit with this part of town.

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        great review thanks i live in dunwoody and its hard to get there fromhere--is it crowded on weekends-- ihave back issues,do they have booths thanks

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          We were there from 6:00-7:00 on a Saturday and it was not full, no lines, even when we left. I also made a reservation for 6 with just 2 days notice, so I think it's stil too new to be busy (plus hidden at the end of a strip mall, behind Starbucks with little sightline to Johnson's Ferry). They have booths, tables, and high-top communal dining tables, as well as some patio seating.