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Mar 10, 2014 05:00 AM

Reykjavik Bachelor Party

Going to Reykjavik this week and wanted to see if there was any recommendations for meals for 5 guys. These are the places were are currently looking at for meals.

Lunch: Sea Baron and Cafe Loki.

Dinners: Grill Market, Seafood Grill, 3 Frakkar, Vid Tjornina, and the Fish Company. We will only be there for 3 nights so we can't go tell of these.

I noticed that Icelandic Bar closed. Any other places that offer similar options? Was looking forward to the more unusual traditional fare there.

Any thoughts, especially the dinners, as how they would be for meals for 5 guys? Any place we are missing that we should go instead?

Also, is there anything or place we should check out for breakfasts?

We will be staying in downtown Reykjavik right by Laugavegur.

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  1. Hi fooddude! I am in Reykjavik on vacation right now, had an amazing lunch at The Dill, check out their website.

    Café Loki is a must for traditional fair.

    After you hit up Sea Baron for lobster soup, check out the nearby Café Haiti for some great coffee.

    For an earlier happy hour head to The Dubliner in the main square. There is live music (think covers of journey etc. even though we were the only tourists). Lots of local females singing along and dancing. Matthew the bartender is great!

    I will send more when the trip is done!