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Mar 10, 2014 02:32 AM

Dublin "ethinic" restaurants/food shops

I'm currently considering a move to Dublin for a new job and would be interested to know what non-Irish cuisines are popular in Dublin and if "ethnic" grocery shops are common? I know Dublin's a fairly large city, my interest is mostly in central Dublin but if there is anything "Chow-worthy" that is further out I'm always game to travel.

I've been living away from Canada for a few years now and miss really good Chinese and Vietnamese food; always enjoy Indian and Mexican; but I am NOT limited to these cusines.


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  1. One ethnic restaurant that stuck in my mind was Langkawi, which offered Malay cuisine. That was a few years ago - I was the *only* customer in the restaurant that evening who wasn't a member of the Malaysian High Commission which filled the whole restaurant:

    Most of the other ethnic restaurants in Central Dublin seemed to be Mainland Chinese.

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      Ah Klyeoh, I can always depend on you... no matter where I go. I am deeply interested in Malay cuisine as I haven't been able to enjoy any for the 3 years I've been away from SE Asia. Thank you.

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        I should not have looked at that menu so early in the day... I will now be food fantasizing the rest of the morning and will be disappointed when lunch time finally comes.

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          I'm sure you'll love Dublin, and its wonderful food scene.

          Parnell St in central Dublin seemed to have a Chinese enclave of sorts when I was there - Fujian-speaking Chinese, and somewhat different from London's Toishan-Cantonese Chinese. I did not try the Chinese food there so can't vouch for their authenticity.

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            Based on your comments it has to be better than the Vietnamese owned "Chinese" restaurants in the Czech Republic. I love Vietnamese food, but the local community's attempt at Czech-ified Chinese food is too terrible to discuss here.

            I look forward to new discoveries and satisfying a long standing craving.

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              We tried a few Sichuan dishes at a restaurant right at the end of Parnell St and honestly they weren't bad at all.
              Saying that, I also think a couple of those restaurants have Chinese-language menus (with more Fujianese specialties I expect, rather than Sichuan) hidden away which I didn't have time to explore!

              There is a massive Polish deli around there too. Seriously huge with a supermarket section and a vast selection of meats and cheeses. I haven't seen anything near the size in London.

              Can't wait to hear your recs :-)

        2. A friend took me to a good Indian restaurant in Dublin a few years ago. I can't remember its name but could always find it for you. My friend is a great source of information about Dublin, so if you do make the move, I'll be happy to find things out for you. My guess is there are lots of ethnic grocery shops, but I only go as a tourist.

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            Cheers Zuriga1, I would be very interested in the Indian restaurant name/location and any details in relation to ethnic grocery shops.

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              I can't vouch for Khan's Balti House all that much since I was there awhile ago, but my friend still likes it (he's from London). It's in Donnybrook just outside Dublin.

              Tom doesn't eat Chinese or Korean so no help from him there, but he recommended the shops and eateries on Camden St.. especially a Thai Place next to Green 19..He couldn't remember the exact name. I think it may be Neon Asian.

          2. I struggled a bit with ethnic food when I lived in Dublin, but this was a good five years ago, so maybe things have gotten better.

            While I was there, a Vietnamese restaurant opened in Temple Bar, run by an Ozzie and his Vietnamese wife, so that was nice. And there did seem to be a bit of a small collection of Korean restaurants popping up on the north side. There was no Mexican at all (that I can remember).

            There was a bit of a Chinatown on the north side, as well, and you should be able to find most Asian staples there, but I would be prepared for lack of choice as well as some higher pricing.

            1. Thanks for the info so far, I'm hoping to get to Dublin in the next month to house hunt... I'll give this thread a bump around then so I can go food hunting at the same time.

              1. Hi Vanderb
                There are a number of Asian grocery shops in central Dublin where you can get a wide range of ethnic ingredients at reasonable prices.
                There is an excellent Sichuan restaurant in the suburb of Sandyford (about 30 mins by tram from Central Dublin) called China Sichuan. The price / quality ratio of the set menus here is as good as you'll find in Dublin.

                There are a few really good Indian options (I have never been to India, so can't speak about authenticity) throughout the city. The Bombay Pantry is a chain of take-aways offering really good quality.
                Jaipur is a small chain of Indian restaurants offering a modernised Indian cuisine.
                Ananda (co-owned with London's Atul Kochar) serves delicately spiced and refined dishes in suburban Dundrum (also 30 mins by tram from Central Dublin).
                Rasam in Sandycove (30 minutes by commuter train from Central Dublin) serves excellent, more robustly spiced cuisine.
                These are all easily accessible and worthy of a trip.

                Every neighbourhood will have local Chinese and Indian restaurants and take-always, but many are very mediocre in quality and cannot be authentic.
                There is now a reasonable Chinese community in Dublin, and as previously mentioned there is a cluster of interesting looking restaurants around Parnell Square.

                There is a newish trendy Mexican & cocktails place called 777 in the city centre that is very popular, but I haven't eaten there so can't say what the food is like.

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                  Thank you very much for the detailed info.