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Mar 10, 2014 02:27 AM

Buying local produce, other than at farmers markets...

In my visits there over the years, I've always been confused about where and how to do this. The farmers markets are easy enough to find, though not always convenient time-wise. But when I go into grocery stores, even nicer ones, I often find oranges from... California, even in season, and strawberries from Mexico or whatever and pink, hard tomatoes. What am I doing wrong? Where are the local fruit and vegetable stands that are open each day, with fresh off the vine tomatoes and exotic, local, ripe tropical fruits? This trip I'll be between Hallandale Beach and Boca. All help welcome, and happy to repost on the Florida at large board if this is the wrong place for people seeking spots north of FLL. Thanks...

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  1. This may be a bit further than you're looking to travel, but you may want to check out Bedners. It's located on 441 in boynton beach.

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      Bedner's is good; they grow some of their own produce and obtain some from farmer's further west. (They also sell some imported produce).

      If you can stand the crazy, NYC-style atmosphere (shopper's carts nipping at your heels and parking lot wars) you should check out The Boys, on Military north of Atlantic in Delray. They have excellent prices on a vast variety of produce items, including rarities like cardoons, banana flowers, amaranth leaves--spotted there last week. Some is local, some not, but the variety is the best I've seen in SE Florida.

      The Greenmarkets/"farmer's markets" I've visited here, in winter, have been disappointing for produce for someone from NYC. The distinction is in the rules for what can and what cannot be sold in a farmer's market. For SE Florida, one of the giants is the weekend market in Redlands, near Homestead, which deserves a thread all its own..weekends only but again, not all is local there, either. Well worth a visit for atmosphere (Latin) and prices, along with a few unusual finds.

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        I'm excited to hear Bedner's is opening an outpost in NE Delray, near downtown.

        Specifically, it sounds like it will be right around the corner from 3rd and 3rd and Fit Food. (On a personal note, about 6 blocks from my house).

        It may not be perfect, but it's likely to be another nice option to choose from. Deets:

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            That's great. Just hope that they do not devote half their space to wine, as the one in Boynton now does. Even with that, it is a good resource. Their prices are all over the place...very good on some items, high on others. Generally the stuff they grow is very well priced. And they have a good variety of fresh herbs for 99 cents.

      2. I live in Fort Lauderdale and am totally disappointed in the produce down here! However, you can give Marando Farms in Fort Lauderdale a try.

        1. Bedner's has a stand at the Aventura Green Market on Sundays. Excellent fruits and vegetables. 10-15 minutes from Hallandale Beach. Other good vendors there as well. In Founders Park near Lehman Causeway.

          1. I'm also disappointed by the produce selection in S Fl, expensive and boring. I'm lucky to live in an old Florida neighborhood where I can pick, mangos, avocados, bananas, passion fruit (daily for 4 months), loquats, mandarin oranges, lemons, oranges, and a cross between a grapefruit and lemon (not sure what it is). I'm also growing tomatoes. (The loquats, bananas and lemons are also my own). Can't remember the last time I bought much fruit as I carry plastic bags with me and help myself in the easements on my morning doggie walk. If you have space plant some fruit and vegetables?

            Joseph's in Boca Town Center carry local produce and probably the best selection is there, I have found rhubarb there, but the Boys also has good stuff.