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Mar 10, 2014 01:02 AM

Ron Botran Rum

Friend got some from a family member in Guatamala (the 12 year) and I never heard of it

Anyone familiar with it?

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  1. 12 year olds in Guatemala can buy booze? ;)

    1. I've heard good things about the 1893 - in the teardrop shaped bottle - but I've never had it.

      1. The twelve year old is a great rum for a very good price. I also love the Reserva and the Solera 1893 expresions.

        The Botran family has been making rums in Guatemala for more than 80 years. Among their best known products are Zacapa 23 and Zacapa XO, named for the city of Zacapa in eastern Guatemala.

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          Robert, you beat me to it. By the way, which Robert is this? Senior or Junior?

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            Folks, I want to introduce Robert Burr the Elder... The Burr's are top experts on rum's in the world, the uppermost tier. A group that you can easily count on your fingers. No toes needed. [Unless you've been sipping too much rum. ;-)> ]

            If you are really nice, (something that some of you find difficult,) you can start some rum threads and he just might chime in.

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              Hey Robert:

              Welcome to chowhound. Would love your thoughts on the Barrilito products from PR. Particularly the 3 Star?

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                Two elderly brothers inherited a unique operation from father and grandfather. The buy distillate (probably Bacardi) and use a special process of infusion and maceration to prepare their spirit. My guess is nuts, dried fruit and a touch of honey. The spirit rests in large Sherry barrels gaining a very interesting profile. Some barrels have very old distillate. A portion of this antique rum goes into the blend for Three Star. The name is derived from the legacy of selling the product at stores from little barrels: Barrilito.

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                  Thank you for the info. I have always felt Barrilito was a a rather unique rum, but never really new much else about it.

                  I like it neat, or with an ice cube or two. I find the taste so strong, at least for the three star that it takes over most drinks if you mix it.

            2. By all means, lets sip some rum and chime a bit.

              Botran released a limited edition expression on the occasion of the beginning of the 14th Baktun. Remember the fervor about the Mayan Calendar ending?

              A baktun is a span of 144,000 days (nearly 400 years), comprising 20 katun cycles. The Classic period of Maya civilization is believed to have occurred during the 8th and 9th baktuns. The 13th baktun ended on December 21, 2012, signaling the beginning of a new 14th baktun era of Mayan culture.

              The rum is distilled at the sugar cane plantation at Tulula, Guatemala near the Pacific coast, then aged and blended in the high mountains above the clouds in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala at an altitude of more than 7,600 feet.

              The canister package features beautiful Mayan art etched in gold.

              Baktun exhibits a delicately sweet nose of honey and oak, dried fruit and spice. The palate reveals warm honey and caramel well balanced with oak and a hint of cola leading to a semi-dry warm finish.