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Mar 9, 2014 10:33 PM

Must Eat Places in Charleston, S.C. this summer

Will be in Charleston for 3-4 days in July 2014. Would appreciate names of a few must eat places - they don't have to be the most expensive. Looking the for the S.C. dinner experience, best bakery and coffee, and the like.

Many thanks.

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  1. I hope you will do a search and/or just scroll through the Board. Charleston is probably the most discussed city on here and there are literally dozens of existing posts. Here are two excellent posts that contains a wealth of information:

    1. Yes, please do a search. There are tons of recs. on this board. But for coffee and morning treats, I highly recommend Kudu, 4 Vanderhorst St. They have craft beer and usually some afternoon live music too. A great place. Happy trails!

      1. Beer for breakfast is a S.C. tradition? Sounds good.

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          No beer is not an SC tradition, but hey, why the hell not? ;)

          It's Kudu Coffee & Beer. A brilliant concept really. Instead of just serving coffee which limits the customer draw and doesn't really extend business hours into the evening. But if you add craft beers, well voila - you broaden your reach. It's a great place and although I haven't seen him, I've heard Bill Murray hangs out there on occasion.

        2. There are many, many very good restaurants in Charleston. FIG consistently seems to be a favorite and it is very good, but make a reservation as soon as you can, it is very popular. The Ordinary is an excellent seafood place. Husk is good, too. I also like Cru Café. But, there are many, many, other good choices, depending on what you are looking for.