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Mar 9, 2014 09:27 PM

Camellia Beans and other Cajun ingredients in yyc

I am looking for Camellia Beans and other ingredients for Cajun dishes. Are there any vendors in YYC?

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  1. Camellia is a brand, not a type of bean. Pretty much any major grocery store will carry suitable types of dried beans depending on the recipe. If I recall correctly Bulk Barn has a large selection.

    For Andouille, the best I have found is at Hirsche Fraser in Okotoks, it rivals any I have had from Louisiana.

    For spices, etc., try Silk Road.

    Superstore almost always has okra.

    Ikea has crawfish, but seasoned with dill and City Fish has them from China, but is a non-Cajun seasoning. Both are frozen and do not thaw well. I mention them only as they are to be avoided.

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        Thank you, don't think they ship to Canada.

      2. Check out MIssissippi Queen - they ship a lot of cajun stuff although a lot of it is premixed.