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Mar 9, 2014 08:47 PM

Rome restaurant suggestions

I will be heading to Rome in mid-May for the first time and am excited to try local specialties and really good regional Italian food. I prefer relatively casual moderately-priced restaurants. I only have 4 days in Rome and usually plan one big sit-down meal per day so I would really appreciate your thoughts on these choices:

Saturday dinner: L'Asino D'Oro or Trattoria Monti

Sunday dinner: Taverna dei Fori Imperiali or Flavio al Velavevodetto or Perilli

Monday dinner: one of the above Sunday choices or Armando al Pantheon

Tuesday dinner: Cesare al Casaletto

Is there too much overlap or will I get a fairly good cross-section of Roman cuisine? Any other suggestions?

For lunch, I will likely be trying out the various bakeries for paninis, pizzas or picking up supplies for picnics.

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  1. All great choices!

    For Sunday dinner I'd pick Perilli, and Monday Armando.

    I think it's a good mix. Very Roman, with a bit of new thrown in as well.

    Have a delicious trip!

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      Thanks! Do you have an opinion about L'Asino D'Oro or Trattoria Monti for Saturday dinner?

      1. re: aphie

        I like them both, but find that Trattoria Monti can be a bit noisy at dinner. (bad acoustics). So I usually tend to go to Monti for lunch, and L'Asino for dinner.

        But both are equally good. I just get tired of restaurants where I can't hear the person who is sitting across the table from me.

    2. I'm not sure if when you say you like "really good regional Italian food" if you mean you want to eat foods other than Roman while in Rome -- L'Asino d'Oro is Umbrian and Trattoria Monti is Le Marche so you've go those possibilities . I ask because your later question about overlap and "good cross section of Roman cuisine" suggests you'd prefer to be eating local and focusing on Roman dishes. I'm not sure what you mean by overlap because I don't think you are going to run out of a variety of Roman dishes to try even eating at the same restaurant for 4 meals.

      When in Rome I like to eat a sit down Roman pizza for at least one dinner, not just pizza al taglio for lunch. It is a unique animal and my personal favorite when it comes to the varieties of Italian pizza. I never tasted thin-crust Roman pizza outside of Rome that I thought was as good as the true Roman pizza in Rome. However, if pizza is really not among your interests, or you prefer just a slice on-the-go, then stick with your plan.

      I also like at least one full meal of Roman Jewish specialties, since so many are unique to Rome, and I am not sure if any of the restaurants on your list offer that kind of menu (although I think some will offer isolated items). For a cross-section of Roman cooking, you might want to consider including that kind of meal.

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        I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not opposed to eating non-Roman cuisine in Rome if it is a good representation of another region's cuisine. Above all, I want to eat well. My concern about overlap is not necessarily about eating the same dish but I would like to avoid eating at the same "type" of restaurant 4 days straight - I imagine the experience at a creative type trattoria is going to be different from a true old-school place. I realized these are probably ambitious goals for a short trip.

        Do you have any recommendations for a sit down Roman pizzeria or Roman Jewish specialties? Thanks.

      2. I would go for L'Asino on Saturday (get the boar, apologies ahead of time for their bad wine list), Flavio on Sunday, Armando on Monday.

        Enjoy Cesare -- always a favorite!