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Mar 9, 2014 08:05 PM

Brunswick, GA to Culloden, GA Road Trip

I am traveling down from North Carolina next weekend to participate in the "Peaches to the Beaches" yard sale in central/SE Georgia. Over the course of two days, I'll be driving the length of Highway 341 between these two cities, from the Georgia coast to just west of Macon (with a possible additional stop in Peachtree City). I am wondering if there are any good/unique eats in the immediate area of my route. Obviously I understand this is primarily a rural area so options will be limited and I do not expect five-star dining, but I'd also like to avoid eating fast food all weekend. Are there any hidden gems or other local favorites that are worth a stop (any time of day)? Thanks in advance!

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  1. This links to a fantastic guide for rural meat-n-threes in the area of middle Georgia around Macon.

    1. Jones Kitchen in Jesup, Great homestyle alyce buffet, Worth the trip from Brunswick.

      1. Polly's at Zebulon and 475.Get the fried shrimp lunch.Really good

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          polly's is in Macon Ga.Thought everybody knew