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Twisted Oak in Tarrytown - any comments?

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Has anyone been to Twisted Oak in Tarrytown? Other than a fluff piece in Lohud (which even a review there would be), I haven't seen anything other than Opentable and Yelp. Yelp reviews are mostly positive, Opentable seems to have some negative reviews although overall it's positive. I'm thinking of trying them for HVRW. Sadly they have not posted their menu (either regular or restaurant week). The duck lasagna does look excellent.

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  1. Is there a regular menu floating around anywhere?

    Julia Sexton went there, but same as Lohud, another fluff piece (not a real review). It sounds interesting.

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      I trust Julia a lot more than Lohud, although I guess you could say they're both in the business of selling advertising. Actually, Julia's weekly post is about Twisted Oak, I just noticed it. And it does read like a fluff piece.


      I have not seen a normal menu, lots of comments about it being limited, whatever it is.

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        So I guess Isabella's closed.... That place was a bit dated.

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          Good guess since that's where Twisted Oak is :).

          I called a little while ago to find out what was on their HVRW, since they didn't respond to my message on FB (nor have they updated the page in a month). They have a pretty good selection. I didn't get to write everything down, but for appetizers they had a white bean soup, mussels, kale and radicchio salad (not sure if that was one or two different salads, I guess they are since Julia Sexton talked about the kale salad), For entrees they had the Duck lasagna, chicken and dumplings. and the pastrami cod that Julia Sexton raved about. For dessert the only thing I wrote down was zeppolis. The caveat is that the menu may change. But it seems like there was plenty of choice. I have a reservation next Tuesday and will report back.

          I don't know what it is about Tarrytown and restaurants that don't care about their online presence. Tarry Tavern has had a "under construction" website since they opened (although they do have a menu there) and don't put their HVRW menu up online, either. I guess Twisted Oak has an excuse since they're new.

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            Yes, and I have been trying to make a reservation at Chiboust for April 12 before Jackie Mason show and open table won't let me make any reservations passed one week. And they never answer their phone and I have to leave a message.

    2. So I found their website (which has nothing on it) and an email address that actually worked (info@thetwistedoakny.com). They emailed me their HVRW menu:


      White Bean Polentina
      Mustard Greens, Pancetta

      Radicchio & Fennel Salad
      Cider, Farmhouse Cheddar, Toasted Almonds

      Kale Salad
      Grapefruit, Serrano, Mint, Ricotta Salata

      PEI Mussels
      Aqua Pazza, Grilled Bread

      Pomarola, Locatelli, Basil


      John Fazio Duck Lasagna
      Mushrooms, Kale, Duck Egg

      Creamed Cabbage┬Ł Risotto
      Green Market Brussels, Apples, Black Pepper, Coach Farm Goat Cheese

      Chicken & Dumplings
      Hen of the Woods, Mustard Greens, Frascatelle

      Pastrami Spiced Chatham Cod
      Rye Pain Perdue, Braised Red Cabbage, 1000 Island

      Short & Sweet
      Beer Braised Short Ribs, Whipped Maple Sweet Potatoes


      Sheeps Milk Ricotta, Cara Cara Caramel

      Meyer Lemon Angel Pudding
      Huckleberry Compote, Chantilly Cream

      Saffron Panna Cotta
      Orange-Fennel Marmalade