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Mar 9, 2014 07:31 PM

Reykjavik with a baby

We will be travelling to Iceland in May for our first big trip with our 9 month old son. Our vacations used to consist of sightseeing all day then going out at 9 pm to cool restaurants/bars and eating and drinking the night away. Needless to say, our approach will have to be different this time around. Does anyone have any advice about how to eat the best food in Reykjavik with a baby in tow? Are there are good restaurants that serve lunch that won't frown on a baby at the table?

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  1. Hi! I am in Reykjavik on vacation right now. We do not have a child with us but went to Coocoos Nest by the harbor for brunch on Sunday and it was incredibly kid friendly. In fact, there seemed to be more babies than adults and we were the only tourists. It was recommended to us by the owners of the apartment we are renting.

    The address is Bodega Grandagardur 23. My sister and I each had poached eggs on homemade bread with spinach, lightly covered in a bleu cheese sauce. My brother-in-law had a chicken, broccoli and leek omelette. They are closed on Monday's but have brunch-dinner every other day.