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Aug 6, 2002 01:58 PM

1stTime Montreal,next week, Vegeterian/grocery questions

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We will be staying Square St Louis, s this a nice area? Any warnings? I understand Montreal is a super safe city.

We are vegeterians and do not eat fish or other seafood, I am allergic... I have some possibly silly questions. Is Poutaine vegeterian? What about other Montreal'staples' with French names? Any language tips in dealing with this?

I have been to thislink, and am now scrolling through these archives to see if anyone has reviewed them.


Where is an economical place to purchase general groceries?

Do most resteraunts accept Visas from American debit cards? Is appropriate exchange rate automatically deducted from the card? Another silly question I am sure!

Is there a message board of travel experiences and advice for Montreal?


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  1. I'm sure it varies by restaurant but I would imagine that it at the very least the cheese would have rennet in it. The fries would be fried in beef tallow and then the gravy would be of animal stock as well. So I'd say it's a triple no.

    As for other vegetarian options I would reccomend ChuChai on St. Denis for totally vegetarian thai influenced food(lots of delicious fake meats) but as in all Asian restaurants be careful of non-fish dishes that use fish sauce or oyster sauce for flavoring! Ask your server!

    Also I believe Cafe Santropol makes some vegetarian sandwiches and that's a pretty cool place.

    There are many good middle eastern restaurants in Montreal. I don't know one specificaly great one for falafel, hummus, or other veggie items but ask around for reccomendations as this is a great option for this city.

    I haven't had any luck at the Commensal( a small chain of vegetarian cafeterias) other people rave but I think everything seems a bit generic and less than fresh.