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Anyone know what chain/restaurant this is? New paint job on old Trafalgar Lick's (Oakville)

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They did some work within the last two days on the old Lick's on Trafalgar in Oakville. Curious if anyone recognizes the checkerboard design from another location/etc. I thought that maybe it was Five Guys but they have more red checkered and it doesn't seem to appear in the outside display of the stores from my googling of images.

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  1. It looks like a quick oil change place to me!

    1. Looks a little bit like the Checkers/Rally chain

      Johnny Rocket's also uses the checkerboard motif in their design

      Who says it has to be a chain, it could be anyone doing a retro diner style single restaurant

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        Yeah, you are right, it could be a one off but it just looked "familiar" to me but maybe just a typical retro look.

      2. Quaker Steak? They have a similar green / checkered exterior.

        1. I have been searching for it as well. It looks really familiar but cannot place it.

          1. How about that old Celine Dion chain, Nickels Deli? I think they were greenish with checks. Hope not.

            1. Looks so familiar and now it's bothering me! Didn't turn up much in google, other then it is leased by "Saffa Developments" but that didn't lead anywhere. Will be really curious to find the answer out eventually!

              1. Colour scheme looks familiar perhaps because it evokes Zellers?

                Maybe a new Target diner??

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                    Well, there you go, we were all wrong (and suddenly I am very intrigued -- any idea when this place is opening?).

                    1. re: aphie

                      I haven't tried any of the new burger places other than Woody's (love) in the last few years, although there are a few things on this menu I'd like to try. As per the site they've been around awhile, so let's hope they can keep things consistent with this far north franchise. It appears the only one in Canada IIRC.

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                        Thank you.
                        Looking at their "55 Challenge"
                        (ie "We’ll stack 55 oz. of meat on a burger bun, with at least four toppings, give you a side of fries and a 24 oz. soft drink. If you can eat it all in 30 minutes or less, then it’s on the house."), and kudos to them (I guess) for listing all those who's finished the challenge - I'd say it's not great news. Could it be worse than Lick's in their waning days?

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                          Ah, mystery solved! I've never heard of this franchise. It does look like the Zellers cafeteria so maybe that was what made it seem familiar.