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Mar 9, 2014 04:27 PM

Small thought on The Taste (UK & US)

I've been getting caught up on The Taste UK this weekend, and while overall I don't think either version of the show ranks very high for me - I've just realized that thus far of the 3 seasons (2 US and 1 UK), all the winners are (or will be as the UK's finale hasn't aired) women.

I don't think it's relevant to compare that to a show like Top Chef that's only professionals (and thus a profession where there's still a large imbalance of male/female chefs) - but at this point I just think it's interesting. If anything, I do think that it says a little bit to me that there may be either conscious (direct judges/producers putting a finger on the scale) or subconscious (judges being subtly swayed about what's a worse offense in that particularly moment) decisions being made about who goes home in competitions to keep some kind of male/female contestant balance in place.

Don't know if anyone else has any thoughts on this or it's just a throw away observation. I will say that the UK version's pace is far more tolerable. The US version going to 2 hours has made the whole show just take far too long.

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  1. I like the UK version better. I am American; I love my country...but our TV sucks. I have not seen the final (so no spoilers please) I do not know about manipulation. There is definently more of that on the American versions.

    The budget on the UK show is so low but the judges are so much more candid.

    The show you should be watching is Masterchef New my humble opinion

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      My favorite cooking competitions are Masterchef Australia and Top Chef. But I also really enjoy My Kitchen Rules.

      The judges in the UK version of The Taste are the same as the US version of the taste, so I do think it's worth commenting on that in both shows they're hitting 100% with female winners.

    2. Is the UK version available on any channels in the New York City Metropolitan area? What about the MasterChefs?

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      1. re: marfood

        I get them from streaming websites - to the best of my knowledge there are no channels in the US that show them.

      2. I watched the first episode here in the UK. We didnt even get to the end before deciding we thought it a complete load of shite and not worth more of our time. I cannot think of any other food programme that we've said that about.