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Mar 9, 2014 03:33 PM

Which do you prefer: a cupcake or a slice of layer cake?

let's discuss.. which appeals to you more? Let's assume both are made from scratch.

And share your favorite recipe if you would like. My vote goes for layer cake.

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    1. re: Raffles

      Not for me, it's about the cake. Good cake needs no icing. Rather have a piece of cake than a cupcake, which has too much frosting.

    2. It depends.

      Homemade: Cupcakes. Apparently, thanks to reality baking shows, everyone seems to think they can make a good cupcake and they'll make a fortune on them and so they've opened cupcake shops selling subpar cupcakes that are usually some combination of dry, flavorless, and/or greasy so I refuse to eat storebought cupcakes now. Also, they're acceptable to eat out of hand and therefore better for on the go, picnics, etc.

      Storebought or Restaurant: Layer cake. I'm not likely to make one at home (I can easily halve a recipe for a batch of cupcakes - not so much with a layer cake), and they are likely to go into more elaborate flavors than I am willing to make at home, usually.

      So it's apples and oranges for me - I love them both, but they aren't equivalent for me. However, when faced with the option of either in a setting where either are equally easy to eat, I'd probably go with layer cake. I like the fillings in layer cake.

      1. Layer cake. Awesome.

        I find cupcakes awkward and difficult to eat gracefully.

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        1. re: Jerseygirl111

          They're also somehow less satisfying IMO.

        2. Layer cake. Better ratio of frosting to cake, and I like the cakes with lemon curd or berry mixtures within too.

          I hate those cupcakes with frosting only in the center of the top with exposed cake around the edge. What happened to frosting them completely? I don't want to have to nibble on bare cake.

          1. Layer cake with real buttercream icing for me.

            Cupcakes are for bakes sales and fools.

            Especially the HUGE size cupcakes and all of the fru-fru cupcakes attention they now garnish at any trendy/ hipster/wannabe bakery .
            Gimme a riff on carrot cake cupcakes or small cheesecake cupcakes with a twist? Sure.

            Traditional cupcakes? Nope.

            Hell, I'll take box made brownies made at home or scratch made from the bag chocolate chip cookies over cupcakes all day long.

            I think for many cupcakes are rote memory comfort food.
            For me? Rote memory horror food.
            Go figgure.


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            1. re: jjjrfoodie

              "Cupcakes are for bakes sales and fools."

              Love it!!!