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Which do you prefer: a cupcake or a slice of layer cake?

let's discuss.. which appeals to you more? Let's assume both are made from scratch.

And share your favorite recipe if you would like. My vote goes for layer cake.

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    1. re: Raffles

      Not for me, it's about the cake. Good cake needs no icing. Rather have a piece of cake than a cupcake, which has too much frosting.

    2. It depends.

      Homemade: Cupcakes. Apparently, thanks to reality baking shows, everyone seems to think they can make a good cupcake and they'll make a fortune on them and so they've opened cupcake shops selling subpar cupcakes that are usually some combination of dry, flavorless, and/or greasy so I refuse to eat storebought cupcakes now. Also, they're acceptable to eat out of hand and therefore better for on the go, picnics, etc.

      Storebought or Restaurant: Layer cake. I'm not likely to make one at home (I can easily halve a recipe for a batch of cupcakes - not so much with a layer cake), and they are likely to go into more elaborate flavors than I am willing to make at home, usually.

      So it's apples and oranges for me - I love them both, but they aren't equivalent for me. However, when faced with the option of either in a setting where either are equally easy to eat, I'd probably go with layer cake. I like the fillings in layer cake.

      1. Layer cake. Awesome.

        I find cupcakes awkward and difficult to eat gracefully.

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        1. re: Jerseygirl111

          They're also somehow less satisfying IMO.

        2. Layer cake. Better ratio of frosting to cake, and I like the cakes with lemon curd or berry mixtures within too.

          I hate those cupcakes with frosting only in the center of the top with exposed cake around the edge. What happened to frosting them completely? I don't want to have to nibble on bare cake.

          1. Layer cake with real buttercream icing for me.

            Cupcakes are for bakes sales and fools.

            Especially the HUGE size cupcakes and all of the fru-fru cupcakes attention they now garnish at any trendy/ hipster/wannabe bakery .
            Gimme a riff on carrot cake cupcakes or small cheesecake cupcakes with a twist? Sure.

            Traditional cupcakes? Nope.

            Hell, I'll take box made brownies made at home or scratch made from the bag chocolate chip cookies over cupcakes all day long.

            I think for many cupcakes are rote memory comfort food.
            For me? Rote memory horror food.
            Go figgure.


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            1. re: jjjrfoodie

              "Cupcakes are for bakes sales and fools."

              Love it!!!

            2. They're both cake...so I enjoy both equally.

              1. Layer cake. I hate cupcakes (and the whole cupcake trend). They're always dry and the frosting:cake ratio is all wrong, not to mention the dispersion of the frosting.

                1. A 6-8 layer slice of any cake from Rick's Dessert Diner in Sacramento, Ca. I rarely eat sweet desserts but when I do I want excellence:) I will scarf down a package of Hostess chocolate cream filled cupcakes or pink Snowballs if I am in a *sweets are on the menu* mood.Purely nostalgic.

                  1. Layer cake. Definitely. Particularly for purchased items. So many dry cupcakes out there.

                    But in general, the layer cake has better icing/cake proportion AND distribution.

                    1. Scratch layers only!!!!!

                      1. I've got nothing against a really good cupcake, but I prefer a slice of layer cake. If it's devils food cake with white icing, then it's the best.

                        1. Layer Cake! Cupcakes nowadays have too much frosting and so little "cake"...much rather have a huge muffin to fill myself instead of a cupcake.

                          1. Another vote for layer cake, please. More moist, better cake/frosting ratio, and better placement - it's not like all the frosting is HERE and the cake is THERE.l

                            1. Layer cake with frosting.The frosting is the best part. Could care less about cupcakes.

                              1. Cake. Something about those layers of cake and icing....

                                1. Cake. Cupcakes have too much icing. Not a fan of icing.

                                  1. Cup cake, I know they are so en vouge right now but I'd always take cupcake over a slice, so much easier and they tend to be more moist

                                    1. Layer cake. I prefer cake to frosting and cupcakes always seem to have a ton of frosting.

                                      1. 1) my mother's homemade german chocolate cake with that rediculous coconuty frosting

                                        2) a slice of hummingbird cake from buttercup bakery in nyc-perfectly moist, flavorful, and a wonderful buttercream frosting

                                        3) if i'm having a cupcake of any kind it would be my annual random original chocolate hostess cupcake, my sister takes the second one from the package.

                                        1. When eating out-of-hand, then cupcake, without frosting, is the only way to go.
                                          But with a graceful cup of coffee? A slice of layer cake, on a plate, with a fork, is the best!

                                          1. It depends.

                                            If the quality is mediocre, I'd probably go with the whatever gives me the most icing.

                                            If we're talking high quality home-made, I'd probably choose the layer cake, because there's a much larger high quality range for cakes than for cupcakes. Partly because cupcakes were designed as a fairly casual food, and partly because baking techniques for fancier cakes don't necessarily scale down to cupcake size.

                                            1. Cupcakes, if there is too much frosting, I can knock off the very top.
                                              They are the right size for me. More fun to eat.

                                              1. Layer cake. I like to get cake and frosting in every bite, and that's pretty difficult with a cupcake unless you take huge bites. Or cut it in half horizontally and spread some of the frosting in the middle, which I have been known to do.

                                                1. Cupcakes are vile inventions. Give me a proper cake any day.

                                                  1. Both. Cake to eat now and cupcake to bring with me.

                                                    1. Layer cake. There's just so much more possibility with a layer cake and visually, there's nothing that can impress like a stunningly frosted and architecturally crafted multilayer dessert.

                                                      1. I'm in the depends group (and not just because of my age ;) ).

                                                        I like both and can make either one with no issue. If I want to get adventurous with flavors, I'll do cupcakes. It's easier for me to give people cupcakes than cake. I've made all kinds of cupcakes but a recent fav was a chocolate stout with irish cream buttercream frosting. After baking the cupcakes, I gave them a small dosing of irish cream (less than a shot) and then frosted them (not too much). They were a hit!

                                                        If I'm having people over, I'll do a nice layer cake. Devils food is always a popular choice. Gives me a chance to use some of my vintage dishes.

                                                        1. I'm one of those rare birds who doesn't like frosting (it's sweet enough to set my teeth on edge and spoil my enjoyment of the cake)... so I hate the current trend to top a perfectly innocent cupcake with as much frosting as there is cake! Give me a layer cake any day.

                                                            1. Neither, I really don't care for most cakes, and I really dislike cupcakes.

                                                              1. Layer cake. When I eat cupcakes I always feel like I'm going to end up with a nose full of frosting.

                                                                1. When I have cake it's really bundt cake or coffee cake that I want but if I had to choose between layer cake and a cupcake I'd take layer cake every time.

                                                                  They have a much more sensible ratio of cake to frosting and better distribution between the two as well. And, then, of course, with layer cake you have many choices for fillings in addition to the icing.

                                                                  1. Cake - I can eat just a sliver, not a whole cupcake's worth. More likely to be perfectly moist than a cupcake, too.

                                                                    1. Layer cake.

                                                                      Served on a plate, with a (non plastic) fork and a (cloth) napkin. Preferably with a cup of tea or coffee.

                                                                      I kind of "get" why the cupcake became so popular with today's on-the-run culture, but to me dessert deserves to be savored. To be a special little occasion.

                                                                      I have no desire to eat sweets in the car or while walking.

                                                                      1. Layer cake all the way. The current popularity of cupcakes bums me out--everyone orders cupcakes for birthdays and I think layer cake is so much better.

                                                                        The ration of cake to frosting is all off on a cupcake.

                                                                            1. Uh-oh, another cupcake hate thread? ;-(

                                                                              I like either, so long as they are of good quality. I'm not into throwing hate at all cupcakes just because there have been so many poor-quality ones out there of late.

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                                                                              1. re: sandylc

                                                                                Lol. I definitely prefer the slice given the choice, but I agree that a good cupcake is still perfectly edible and presentable. I think they have their place--I've been asked to make them on occasion (like for parties at work, or in environments with lots of people, few seats/tables, and few utensils/plates) and they always get eaten.

                                                                                I do think cupcakes have really been tainted in the last 5 years or so though.

                                                                              2. I don't like frosting ... it reminds me of hardened toothpaste.

                                                                                Sooooo, layer cake is my choice.

                                                                                1. Layer cake because there's more frosting in each bite. Cupcakes are hard to eat if you're trying to eat politely. I end up taking a small bite of all cake, a small bite of all icing and inevitably end up with frosting all over my hands.


                                                                                  1. Cupcakes are overpriced and they have gotten smaller and too cute of late. Layered cake for sure, preferably German Chocolate

                                                                                    1. I love both! I decorate cakes and cupcakes so when I bake either, they are from scratch and delicious!

                                                                                      1. Cake! Perfect ratio of icing to cake in each bite (and less messy to boot!)

                                                                                        However, my opinion will change slightly if there is cream cheese icing on a cupcake...,because I love getting huge mouthfuls of cream cheese icing in each bite (screw the cupcake actually just give me icing!!)

                                                                                        1. Layer cake or, better, cake w/o layers. I don't care for frosting and I love a good lemon or chocolate cake with a light dusting of powdered sugar or thin, fruity glaze.

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                                                                                          1. re: tcamp

                                                                                            http://www.rahierpatisserie.com/cakes... Cake! I'm not a sweets person, but one glance at this patisserie's cake menu and I can practically taste each one as I read its description.

                                                                                            Cupcakes make me think of box mixes and kids' parties. They're messy, highly collapsible and thus, gone in a few bites, whereas layer cake has an elegance of construction that encourages me to take each bite slowly and savor. My last point is that the frosting on a layer cake serves to protect each inner layer, so the cake tends to be more moist than cupcakes, which dry out if not eaten soon after baking.

                                                                                            1. re: 1sweetpea

                                                                                              Wow, what a website. Saving the link in my travel folder.....

                                                                                          2. Layer cake that I can eat with a fork rather having to unpeel a properly papered cupcake that one eats as finger food.

                                                                                            BTW, I do not bake either of those desserts. I'm a bread baker on occasion.

                                                                                            1. Layer cake! If I make the cupcakes then I like them. I spread the icing evenly over the tops - Where did the golf ball lump of icing originate on all the bakery cupcakes? It is awkward to eat and not particularly pretty or appetizing. I have been known to buy a cupcake or two from an excellent baker because DH hates cakes, therefore if I make one I might eat it all.....not a good thing!

                                                                                              1. I'd rather have a piece of layer cake because I generally find the balance between the cake and icing more appealing. Most cupcakes I've encountered have as much icing as they have cake.

                                                                                                1. Given the choice, I prefer cookies or pie or almost anything besides cake .. but if cake is all there is, definately layer cake.

                                                                                                  1. Layer cake holds the ice cream better!