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Mar 9, 2014 02:17 PM

Is top-of-the-rib roast the same as rib cap?

All the butchers I've ever gone to sell a cut of meat called top of the rib. I've bought it a few times here and there, and it wasn't memorable. I probably tried roasting it and dried it our since no one in my crowd likes rare meat.

Lately I've read about a cut called rib cap. It's that piece of meat that's on the outer edge of a rib steak, but kept whole and not cut into steaks. I haven't seen it at the butcher. Is it the same as top of the rib, which is commonly available?

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  1. NO...
    see this:

    Top of the rib is not a trimmig from the rib steaks but a piece found above the ribs on the animal. Top of the rib is ot made to be roasted, which is why you dried it out. It is a cheaper and leaner cut for pot roast than brisket. My mother always made top of the rib in a popt on top of the stove insisting it was less fatty and better for us than brisket. It was stringy, tough and not one of us siblings ever make it. Growing up even the family dog didn't like it.

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    1. re: bagelman01

      So that's what I figured, but I've been wondering if any of the koser butchers sell rib cap. Then I saw (and bought) this at Costco. The other Costcos I've been to that sell kosher meat label it the same way.

      Take a look: Solomon's label says Top of the Rib Roast, but the Costco label is Beef Rib Rolled Cap Roast.

      Sorry -I think the picture is upside down.

      Too bad. I guess I'll just slow braise it like a brisket.

      1. re: helou

        I think the kosher markets sell it as the pricey surprise steak.

        1. re: susiejane

          A surprise roast is $40/lb.
          Top of the rib is $8/lb.
          Big difference!!!!!!

          1. re: cheesecake17

            Right, but think about the cost of a ribeye steak. Then this is the premium cut from the ribeye. To be cost effective for the butcher, the cost needs to be high enough to cover the reduction in value of the rest of the ribeye.

            1. re: avitrek

              Oh, I'm not arguing! Just saying in general to know what you're buying and cooking it properly. It would be a shame to buy a surprise roast for $100+ and cook it wrong