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Mar 9, 2014 02:13 PM

ISO great Italian restaurant Daly City

For tonight: ISO great Italian restaurant in Daly City near the Hampton Inn area; 2700 Junipero Serra Blvd.

We enjoy fresh, healthy food, not overly processed, and also eat meat, chicken and fish.

thanks in advance, Karen

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  1. What are some great Italian restaurants you've been to in other places? Daly City is not really known for Italian food (especially after Joe's of Westlake closed), so understanding what you like will give CHs a better idea of where to direct you.

    FYI if you don't have a car - Colma BART is about a 15 minute walk from the hotel, and you may have a better meal if you're willing to ride the train into downtown SF.

    1. 5 miles in about 10 minutes by freeway to La Ciccia.
      ^ miles in the other direction to Sodini's Bertolucci described as fun and not to expensive.

      Val's seems to be off Chowhound radar for a few years.

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      1. re: wolfe

        These two restaurants could not be more different from one another: a regional, authentic Sardinian restaurant and an old-school Italian-American time warp.

        Again, if the OP doesn't explain what she's looking for in a great Italian restaurant or where she considers great, at least one of these recommendations is going to be badly misguided.

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          Links were provided. Either choice is great for someone who comes from a place where the best Italian restaurant in the area is Olive Garden. I realize that's what you want to know
          What do you think of Val's?

          1. re: wolfe

            Wrong. My family on the East Coast has access to better Italian food than Olive Garden, and 5 years later they still complain about how "weird" La Ciccia was. To them, it simply didn't count as Italian food - which they defined as veal marsala, eggplant parm, traditional Sicilian-American red sauces, minestrone, etc. If that's someone's idea of what they're looking for in an Italian restaurant, I would not in a million years send them to La Ciccia.

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              Then a looked at the linked menu would probably have allowed them to make the choice to go or not.

      2. thanks to bigwheel for the great feedback!

        Val’s Steak House Restaurant & Lounge was suggested by the hotel; any opinions?

        thanks again, Karen

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        1. re: kawren

          A few reports on Val's, does not sound like what you're looking for:

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            If you want fresh, healthy food close to the hotel, Korean at the Kukje Market restaurant is probably your best bet.

          2. Boulevard on John Daly Boulevard isn't exactly Italian, but it has some Italian dishes, and has some healthy dishes too. It's kind of old school.

            I've never been to Val's but it's never looked very appealing.