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Mar 9, 2014 01:21 PM

Le Cheri or brunch at lacroix

Coming to Philly in April for 2 nights. We are eating in Vernick's on Sat. Can't decide whether to go to brunch at Lacroix on Sun. or dinner at Le Cheri. Even I can't do both. I have been to Lacroix for brunch and loved it. What to do, what to do ???

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  1. FWIW, try the new place (Le Cheri).

    Either way, make the reservation for Lacroix today, or it will be sold out. You can always cancel it later and they'll have no trouble filling the seats (they do ask you for a credit card incase you don't show up without canceling).

    Not sure how far in advance you need to make a res for Le Cheri on a weekend, but at their sister restaurant Bibou it's probably already sold out, so best to make up your mind quick to be safe.

    1. l think it is a win-win.
      LaCroix brunch l seldom go to as when l think of it it is already sold out, need a long lag time for res as BYOB says.
      If you have been to Bibou a few times l might skip La Cherie for LaCroix, if not would pick La Cherie just to experience the hospitality of the owners, as well as the food.

      1. Dinner at Le Cheri sounds like a lot of fun. If you can't squeeze in brunch at Lacroix which is the most decadent, Parc is a safe second bet.

        If you're wondering about going too heavy with Lacroix and Le Cheri, I think you should be fine, as Le Cheri has a lot of fish dishes and you can start with oysters or something easy. Le Cheri is selling out, I checked and they have an 8 pm res that Sunday.

        If that's too late, maybe Fountain could be good too?

        1. I would choose Lacroix. And I don't see how you could possibly want dinner after that. You could go over to Parc later and get something light - some onion soup, or a salad.

          We enjoyed Le Cheri and plan to return at some point, but the brunch at Lacroix - oooh la la!

          1. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I booked a table at Lacroix for 1:30. I decided that I have fine restaurants available to me in NY, but I have never had a brunch like the one they serve at Lacroix. So...even though I have been there I decided to go again. Maybe we'll go to the bar at Le Cheri for a light meal at night. Is that possible?

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              Le Cheri has 14 seats available at the bar and they are not reserved. Full menu available there. Very possible to have a light dinner there.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Great idea. I would do oysters and the french onion soup and be good.

                1. re: lenorel57

                  They start breaking down the buffet at a time l found to be way too early for a 1:30 reservation. That is why that time was available, always felt like l was closing the plave and many things go missing quickly. Again that is why l do not accept that time.

                  1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                    I thought you only eat the oysters and caviar?

                    Actually, I did too last time.

                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                      I requested that time so we could go to the Philadelphia Museum before. Should I make an earlier reservation? If i recall I had a late reservation last time I went and there was no shortage of anything

                      1. re: lenorel57

                        Maybe my idea of breakdown varies from yours, a little earlier would give you more time with some of the stuff, l feel rushed by me not them if l come later.

                        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                          We were at the brunch last year the weekend of Mar. 8th. We stayed from 1:30 to 4:00 and never noticed that any display was lacking. It was a beautiful warm weekend so we spent time in the park. Hopefully the snow will be gone by April 13th when we are going.

                          We are staying at the Rittenhouse so it should be easy to walk to LeCheri should we get hungry . Last year we shared a sandwich at Parc about 9:00.

                          Thanks for your input