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Mar 9, 2014 11:54 AM

The route of the lechon in Puerto Rico

Has anybody been there lately?

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  1. I defer to other hounds re: Pork Road (I only eat poultry and fish).

    That said, we had some delicious food out past the Pork route at Chef Alex (late 2011, so defer to other hounds for more recent experiences):

    1. Whatever you do, at whichever lechonera, just point to the head and ask for some "cachetas" (cheeks).

      Drove the road a couple years back, stopped at BRUNY'S late afternoon. Was I glad to see their 60-lb. pig had nothing but the head and shoulders left. Hit it with their homemade spicy sauce and try a few side dishes, a piece of morcilla and the succulent turkey.

      1. Just got back. Had outrageously good food at El Mojitos in Guavate. Crispy pork skin with moist, flavor filled pork. Rice and bean and plantains (shredded and deep fried). Chicken and many other sides also looked fabulous.

        1. tip: if you rent a car get a GPS. google maps doesn't work there so my phone GPS would not work (android)