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Mar 9, 2014 11:37 AM

Stores that sell organic fish?

Does anyone have a clue where to buy organic farmed trout or stores that sell good quality fish like wild Atlantic mackerel or Atlantic herring. Thanks

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  1. Me think you should look for stores that are certified by "OceanWise", "Marine Stewardship Council" or "SeaChoice".

    Have a look at Norref, they have "certified" fish from time to time (seasonal).

    For example, Spanish Mackerel :

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      I have seen organi salmon at Adonis. But that means they have to be farm raised...therefore against the principal of organic food. Just saying.

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        Humbert took the words out of my mouth, I was going to reply late last night but sleep was more important.

        You should be asking who sells wild salmon from BC or Alaska. "Organic" salmon as humbert states automatically means it was farmed. I did once have decent Organic salmon from a small fishmonger in the West Island called Cavos, I believe it was from Norway. But nothing beats wild King Salmon from the Columbia River in Alaska, I bought some last summer in Burlington, VT it doesn't compare to anything. That's what you should be looking for.

      2. Sorry, not an answer but more questions about labelling practices.

        Does anyone know whether fish stores are required to say whether the fish are farmed or wild? Or any that do? The only place I have been able to get a straight answer was the one on Parc and Bernard (whose name escapes me at the moment), other ones have given a variety of responses from "It's all wild!" to "I doubt any of it would be wild".

        Likewise for previously frozen fish, is this something that needs to be mentioned? One place I buy fish has a little scrawl on about half the name tags, but when I asked the guy said it was nothing, just an accidental slip of the pen. When I pointed out that it was identical on half the name tags and hence not a slip of the pen he started to get irritated and said I was looking for things that weren't there. I had suspected it might be a previously frozen symbol, and it is annoying because I was going to make a dish and freeze half, but didn't because I didn't want to re-freeze in case it was already frozen.

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          There's no requirement for farmed vs wild labeling. The best you could do is ask if you are not sure.

          Not every type of fish has a farmed variety, i.e Atlantic Salmon is all farmed, wild Atlantic salmon is not allowed to be commercially fished so it's an automatic that it is farmed.

          All the bass, porgies and snapper that come from the Mediterranean is farmed. Wild bass from the Mediterranean would cost an arm and a leg if it was sold here.

          Most bass and red snapper coming from NC, Florida, etc...is typically wild.

          I don't believe smaller fish like mackerel are farmed much. The link below is useful to determine what is farmed/wild.


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            Don't forget that 'redfish' from the North Atlantic (wild) is sometimes called Red Snapper in Canadian fish stores and restaurants. It is a totally different fish species from the Caribbean Red Snapper.

            Also, I have seen farmed steelhead (landlocked salmon) in Montreal IGAs.

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            It is fine to cook something previously frozen and then freeze it again. The danger is in freezing something raw that has been frozen and defrosted.

          3. I have found the best fishmonger at the Atwater Market. Anytime I have bought fish there I have not been let down.

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              Very high quality product but, wow, do they make you pay for it...

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                Yes it is expensive there but I do not mind paying the price from time to time when I want to buy the best quality fish. The poster is looking for wild fish and that is like buying gold in terms of price.

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